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Plastic Name Tags

Plastic Name Tags, Materials and Colors

Who says a name tag has to be boring? Laser plastic can be customized in many ways. Add your logo or graphic. Choose professional or quirky colors. They can be large, small, or custom shaped. Whatever your choice, we will personalize them for you.

  • Plastics are available in over 30 colors.
  • Offered in 6 standard and custom sizes up to 12 square inches.
  • Custom shapes come in 20 stock choices or Create-A-Shape tags.
  • They are just the right thickness, neither too thick nor thin.
  • Attractive pricing with quantity discounts.
Learn More About Name Tags

The Ultimate guide to buying name tags will help you find the best product to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How durable are plastic name tags?
A: Engraving removes the top layer of 2-ply plastic, revealing the core color and marking the name tags permanently.

Q: Can I see an example of my product before I order?
A: We will provide a proof for you to approve before production begins. If you want to see an example of a plastic name tag, you may request a product example.

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All products are made to your specifications. We check everything twice before shipping your order. Name Tag, Inc. has had greater than a 99% accuracy rate for the past five years.