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Reusable name badges

Reusable Name Badges

Quality reusable name badges are affordable and convenient, providing employee and personal identification when there is a high turn-over rate and high demand. Perfect for identifying volunteers, conference attendees or temporary employees. Reusable badges are a versatile way to get a large quantity of name badges for a great, low price.

Select the best name badge for your situation and save time and money by adding names as needed.

These can be used over and over again by simply removing the old name from the badge, printing or writing a new insert, and then snap together the name badges. The clear, plastic inserts are fully printable on an inkjet or laser printer and can be replaced as needed for new names.

Adhesive badges come in many vibrant colors and make it easy to affix the name badge to any piece of clothing or other necessary place. Speedy Badges and Mighty Badges™ come with printable inserts to make changing a name badge quick and easy; these also come with a magnetic fastener option. And, Logo Only Badges can be written on or have a label affixed for quick identification; these come with the magnetic fastener option as well.

And, there are many different choices to save money. Get the most out of each name badge by using them over and over again.

Speedy Badges

Our newest inexpensive name badge solution. Minimum order: 25 badges

Speedy Badges are the newest product in our reusable badge line. These frame badges come in three different colors and have two fastener options. With a gently curved frame, this name tag has a stylish look. Use each badge over and over again by removing the old insert and print, or write, a new one on the easy to use printable inserts.

Mighty Badges

High quality reusable badges. 10 sizes are available. Add an optional logo. Print inserts with a laser or inkjet printer.

Mighty Badges™ are one of the most popular products as they are high quality and reusable. Each badge comes in three parts: the metal back plate, the printable insert and the clear lens. The metal back plate has the option of leaving it blank or printing a logo on it. The clear, plastic inserts are fully printable on an inkjet or laser printer and can be replaced as needed for new names. The clear, plastic lens snaps into place over the top of everything to hold the badge together. These are great for any situation where a reusable name badge is needed.

Logo Only Badges

A name badge with a logo but blank room to add names later with labels or permanent markers.

Logo Badges are very versatile and are available in several different printing processes. Choose from Laser Engraved Plastic, Laser Engraved Metal, UV Color Printed, or Hot-Stamped. Attach names and titles with a sticker or other label maker. Or, use a marker for a more permanent solution. Using markers for writing on your name badges is not recommended if you wish to be able to reuse them.

Adhesive Badges

Single use name badges. Write directly on the badge or print using an inkjet or laser printer.

Adhesive Badges will stick on to most any clothing and are the lowest cost solution for identification needs. They are available in 5 different colors and are sold in packages of 5 sheets with 8 badges per sheet. They are fantastic for reunions, meetings, conventions, parties and other similar events.

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