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What is the difference between custom and template designs?

Custom templates allow freedom to design your nameplates exactly how you want. For example, would you like your company name on the top, all in capital letters? We can do it. Template designs have a fixed layout, but if they work for you, they do not have a set-up fee. You will choose the material, color, and font with either selection.

Custom Designs
  • Custom designed to meet your needs
  • 2x8, 2x10, 2x12, and custom sizes up to 24 sq inches
  • We send a proof showing your layout before production begins
  • Up to 3 lines of text. Additional lines may be available if you call to order
  • $10 setup fee, first order only
Template Designs
  • Templates make these nameplates easy to order
  • 2x8, 2x10, and 2x12 with 1 or 2 lines of text
  • No setup fee

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Custom Design

Our professional designers will provide a proof of your layout and then work with you to create stunning nameplates for you and your company. You will be in complete control, designing the layout and choosing the color, font, and size. Three standard plate sizes and custom sizes up to twenty-four square inches.

Template Designs

Choose from 6 templates that define the size, layout, and number of lines. Next, customize your selection by choosing the color and font. There are no set-up fees when you order these nameplates. Do you want next business day shipping? Provide your list of names and titles when placing your order, and we can make it happen.

Available Templates: Each of the 6 template designs has predefined text lines for you to personalize. Additional information about each template, including maximum characters per line is available in the Resource Center > Stock Templates.

Style A Nameplate

Style A

2 x 8 inches, one line of text


Style B Nameplate

Style B

2 x 8 inches, two lines of text


Style C Nameplate

Style C

2 x 10 inches, one line of text


Style D Nameplate

Style D

2 x 10 inches, two lines of text


Style E Nameplate

Style E

2 x 12 inches, one line of text


Style F Nameplate

Style F

2 x 12 inches, two lines of text


Template Information

Additional information including maximum characters per line.

Resource Center > Stock Templates

Production Materials & Colors

Every nameplate can be fully customized by selecting a size, material, color, fastener and more.

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