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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
custom picture identification badge

Quickly identify every employee with their image on a classic, Photo ID Badge. These name tags are perfect for heightening your security and making sure your employees feel like they belong. With pictures, names and titles, these badges are great for schools, high-security establishments and, for that matter, practically any business concerned with safety.

This order includes a digital proof that must be approved prior to production. We always maintain your approved design for easy reordering.

Photo ID Badges

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Please visit the reorder page if you have ordered with us before or have any of the following items: a customer number, an existing layout, and/or a previous order number. Placing a reorder will allow for quicker processing, consistency between orders, and a reduction or elimination of the set-up fees required for a new order.

Vertical Style ID Card
Horizontal Style ID Card
No Fastener
Punched Slot
Pin Fastener
Clip On A Strap
Magnetic Fastener
Bull-Dog Clip w/Pin Fastener
Swivel Bull-Dog Clip Fastener
Double Clutch Fastener
Black Lanyard (Flat with Clip)
White Lanyard (Flat with Clip)
>Royal Blue Lanyard (Flat with Clip)
Navy Blue Lanyard (Flat with Clip)
Green Lanyard (Flat with Clip)
Red Lanyard (Flat with Clip)
Black Lanyard (Cord with J-Hook)
White Lanyard (Cord with J-Hook)
Royal Blue Lanyard (Cord with J-Hook)
Navy Blue Lanyard (Cord with J-Hook)
Green Lanyard (Cord with J-Hook)
Red Lanyard (Cord with J-Hook)
Yellow Lanyard (Cord with J-Hook)
Avant Garde
Trajan Pro
Albertus Lt
Monotype Corsiva
Lucida Casual
Benguiat Gothic Bk
Engravers Gothic
Futura Bk
Cooper Lt
Garamond Drop Caps
Souvenir Lt
Tekton Pro Bold
Times New Roman
Custom Font

Enter the name of the font you would like to use. If your selected font is not in our system, you must provide us with a PC format font file or we can select a similar font.

Logo placement on the left side of the badge
Logo placement on the right side of the badge
Center logo on the tag
Logo placement on the top of the badge
Logo placement on the bottom of the badge
Logo placement on the top left of the badge
Logo placement on the top-right of the badge
Logo placement on the bottom-left of the badge
Logo placement on the bottom-left of the badge
Size the logo to fit centered on the badge
Place the logo in the best position
No Logo
Yes, Name Tag Bleed (60¢ per name tag)
No, Bleed
2 Variables
3 Variables
4 Variables
5 Variables
6 Variables

Please email your list and photos to

Price Calculator

As you configure your item, the price will be shown here.

Product Specifications

Printed using a digital full-color process, Photo ID Badges can include up to six variables. From pictures to names and titles, variables include any information that can change with each tag. If a logo is included, it will remain constant on all ID badges.

SIZE: 2.125 x 3.25 inches (size and thickness of a standard credit card)

COLOR: White, plastic tag with full-color printing; can print with gradients and bleed (off-edge printing).

FASTENERS: A punched slot will required with some fasteners. When flat or cord lanyards, metal chain, elastic cord or a clip on a slot are requested a slot will be punched at the top of each badge.

LIST AND PHOTOS: A list of names and titles must be provided along with a photo of each person. We ask that you name each photo file with the name of the person pictured. The best way to submit your list and photos is to compress them into a zipped folder. Most operating systems include a zip utility. You can also transfer a file to our server with FTP; contact customer service for more information.
For complete information on how to prepare your list and photos: Photo ID Badge List and Picture Submission.

PRODUCTION: Two business days for up to 49 badges, four business days for 50 to 99; larger orders will require additional production time.

Quantity Pricing Tables

PRICE INCLUDES: Plastic card with unlimited colors and your choice of fastener.

SET-UP FEE: $35.00 first order only. No set-up fee on reorders

ADDITIONAL PRICING INFO: Quantity discounts are only given for orders that have the same number of variables. Mixing and matching of different variables (i.e. three variables on one card and four variables on another) on the same order will not receive the combined quantity discounted pricing.

SHIPPING: Shipping costs are shown during checkout.

2 to 3 Variables$20.00$14.00$12.00$10.00$8.00$6.50$5.00Call
4 Variables$21.00$15.00$12.80$10.70$8.50$6.90$5.30Call
5 Variables$22.00$16.00$13.60$11.40$9.00$7.30$5.60Call
6 variables$22.40$16.40$14.40$12.10$9.50$7.70$5.90Call
*Color Bleed$0.60$0.60$0.60$0.60$0.60$0.60$0.60Call

*Add the cost of this optional upgrade to the cost of your tags for the total product cost.

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