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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
We are happy to be open and serving you for all your name tag needs. Our business hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Office nameplates

Name Plates

Take ownership of your work space with a high-quality custom name plate. Whether it is for your desk or office door, each one is made to honor your achievements. They are also a way to boost the morale and confidence of your employees by helping them to easily see the name and job title of their fellow co-workers.

Fast: With short production times and saved custom layouts for reorders you will receive your name plates at record speed.

Easy: User-friendly online ordering with all your color, font and style options clearly displayed.

Accurate: We get your order right the first time; guaranteed best service; and the largest selection of products any where.

Classic Name Plates

Simple, yet efficient, these text only name plates are fantastic for any desk, wall or cubicle. Choose your font, material color and add names and titles on up to three lines of engraved text. Three standard sizes are available: 2 x 8 inches, 2 x 10 inches, and 2 x 12 inches.

CUSTOM DESIGN: Take the opportunity to design these plastic or metal plates exactly as you want, including text placement, color and font. Custom sizes are available up to 24 square inches. Your design will be kept for easy reordering.

TEMPLATE DESIGN: Two materials, three sizes, six designs and tons of color choices make these an easy and affordable name plate solution.

Logo Name Plates

Maximize your branding with logo name plates that do your company justice. Choose whether you want your logo engraved, printed or hot-stamped then select the color, material and size.

Name Plate Holders

Walls, desks and cubicle are all places you will see a name plate. So, let us help you find the perfect way to hang your name plates today. Choose a holder that will permanently put your nameplate where everyone can see, or choose a holder that you can quickly change as you need. Depending on your choice, they also come in different styles, sizes and colors.

Contemporary Name Plates

A modern, cost-effective solution to all your name plate needs. Customize paper inserts with the images, graphics and text that you want, then place them between the back plates and clear lenses. These plastic name plates also make ideal signage for your office space with attachments available for walls, desks or cubicles.

Reusable Name Plates

With only three pieces and a printable insert, this reusable identification system is a perfect choice for high turnover and seasonal positions. Information is easily changed by printing a new insert and assembling the easy-to-use system. Add an optional UV printed logo to match your business branding.

Acrylic Desk Blocks

Thick desk blocks command attention and stand by themselves with no holder needed. Order with front engraving to give the block a solid look, or select back engraving to bring out the depth and reflections of the acrylic. Give them as a gift or provide them for an entire office. These name plates look great on a desk, bookshelf or anywhere else you would like to display them!

Executive Desk Wedges

Whether it's for your corporate gifting or recognizing someone's greatest achievement, these desk wedges are perfect for names, titles or a favorite quote. Available in several sizes and customized features such as a business card slot. Each wedge features a metal plate in your color choice with single-color engraved text and logo.