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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

Materials and Colors

Various materials are available, including laserable plastics and metals in many colors. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that best meets your needs.


Plastic Name Tags

Plastic Name Tags

Most of these versatile name tags are manufactured on 0.06 inch thick laser plastic with a surface color and a core layer. Engraving exposes the core color, while multi-color printing adheres to the top surface.

Customizing your plastic name tags is easy with the many available options.

  • More than 30 plastic colors.
  • Custom sizes and shapes are available.
  • 12 plastic name tag products.

Metal Name Tags

Metal Name Tags

Metal Name Tags Metal engraving material is 0.02 inches thick, and as the engraving or marking process occurs, a two-color name tag is created. Engraving and marking expose black, grey, gold, or silver. Color printing sticks to the top surface.

Metal name tags attract attention with their distinctive look:

  • Gold with black and silver with grey marking.
  • Nine metal colors with silver and gold engraving
  • 6 metal name tag products.


Magnets will hold through 5 layers of fabric.

Want to test how strong our magnets are? Request a product example with an attached magnetic fastener.

The Guide to Buying Name Tags

What material is best? Will I get to preview the layout? Your questions about name tags are answered in this selection guide.

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Quality Guarantee

All products are made to your specifications. We check everything twice before shipping your order. Name Tag, Inc. has had greater than a 99% accuracy rate for the past five years.