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Badge Holders

Badge Holders

Name badge holders are an event staple as they are frequently used for conferences, conventions, trade shows, meetings, schools and visitor passes. Not only are they a good choice for these kind of events, but they are also a wonderful option for reusable needs, such as in a retail environment. Badge holders come in several sizes and either a horizontal or a vertical orientation. Each badge holder also offers a specific type of fastener: pin, clip, magnetic or punched slots and holes. Printable inserts are available in eight different colors and are perforated for easy use. Templates for printing are available for both sizes and are compatible with either a laser or an inkjet printer.

Badge holders are available in three materials:

Vinyl: At 10 mil vinyl for the front and 8 mil vinyl for the back, this is our most popular badge holder option. This is the most durable and can be used for repeated use. There are a variety of fastener options.

Light Weight Vinyl: An economical vinyl option. The 8 mil vinyl is sturdy enough for light use and provides a few fastener options.

Acetate: Recommended for single use, 7.5 mil acetate is used for the front and back and is the thinnest badge holder material available.

2.25x3.5 Badge Holders: Actual Badge size will vary slightly, 2.25x3.5 inches is the size of the insert.

3x4 Badge Holders: Actual Badge size will vary slightly, 3x4 inch is the size of the insert.

Vertical Badge Holders

Additional Convention Products

Neck Wallets: Promotional tools are essential in the success of any event. One of the best ways to promote a company or other organization during a convention is the use of a neck wallet. Not only are they a convenient way to display credentials or a name badge, but each convention neck wallet can be custom designed with a logo and business name. The lanyard strap makes these trade show neck wallets a hands free tool. Each wallet has multiple pockets, a slot for a pen and sections that will hold all necessary documents and needs during a convention. Conference attendees will have easy access to name badges, photo ID badges, tickets and anything else they need to carry and keep close to them. Neck wallets are an affordable, practical and fashionable tool to use for company and brand promotion.

Badge Cases & Display Racks: Organization of name badges before a convention is a convenient way to prepare name badges and name tags. Badge cases make this task a breeze and is an easy and useful way to distribute name badges at any event. The cases close tightly to hold name badges in place while they are transported to an event. Choose from a polypropylene deluxe case or an affordable cardboard budget case. Wood display racks are easy to set up at a conference and allow name badges to be distributed easily from a registration or presentation table.

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