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Badge Holders

Badge Holders

Name badge holders are an event staple as they are frequently used for conferences, conventions, trade shows, meetings, schools and visitor passes. Not only are they a good choice for these kind of events, but they are also a wonderful option for reusable needs, such as in a retail environment. Badge holders come in several sizes and either a horizontal or a vertical orientation. Each badge holder also offers a specific type of fastener: pin, clip, magnetic or punched slots and holes. Printable inserts are available in eight different colors and are perforated for easy use. Templates for printing are available for both sizes and are compatible with either a laser or an ink jet printer.

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Badge Holder Inserts

Print your own inserts using your ink-jet or laser printer. These 67 pound index(card stock) sheets of inserts have been perforated for easy use.

Badge Holder Cases and Display Racks

Carry and organize badge holders for your next event by sorting them into these convenient and easy to use storage cases and display trays. The cases close tightly to hold the name badges in place while they are being transported and the display racks allow them to be distributed easily to your attendees.

Deluxe Badge Holder Case

Deluxe Badge Holder Case

Starting at $75.22 each.

Foam Display Tray

Deluxe Foam Tray

Starting at $49.99 each

Budget Badge Holder Case

Budget Badge Holder Case

Starting at $35.75 each

Foam Display Tray

Budget Foam Tray

Starting at $27.09 each

Small Wood Racks

Wood Display Racks

Starting at $35.75 each.