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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
We will work with each customer to make sure they have a product with which they are happy.

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

All returns, refunds and exchanges are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Coller Industries Incorporated will work with each customer to make sure they have a product with which they are happy. As such, there are general rules that will be followed in determining the outcome of each request for a return, refund or exchange.

If there are any problems or defects on your order, customers must notify Coller Industries immediately, especially if the timing is critical. All issues with any order must be reported no later than 60 days after shipment of the product. Also, report any shipping problems as soon as they are recognized. Failure to contact Coller Industries of any issue may eliminate potential remedies.

For further details or questions, contact customer service.
PHONE: 1-800-272-5729

Stock Items

All stock (non-customized) items can be returned after receiving approval from customer service. These returns will be charged a 15% restocking fee unless the item is defective or being exchanged.

If a return has been approved, a customer must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number before shipping any product back. For returns where Coller Industries agrees to pay shipping costs, a UPS Call Tag will be issued. Until the original products are received back, refunds will not be processed and replacement products will not be shipped.

Custom Items

Due to the variable nature of customized identification products, Coller Industries can only define general tolerances. All other discrepancies not covered on this page are handled on a case-by-case basis by customer service.

Personalized items or those requiring a signed proof may not be returned or exchanged. However, if the product received is defective, customer service will work with the customer on a replacement order. Printing tolerances and variations which occur for each product must be accounted for. If it is agreed upon to replace the order, Coller Industries will pay the shipping costs to return the original order and to ship the new one.

All orders are made according to proof specifications, which were signed and returned before production began on your custom order. No refund will be given on an order that has been produced according to these specifications.

Product sizing and logo placements are held to certain standards and tolerances. Name tags, name plates and any customized item cut to order should be within 1/16 inch of the ordered size. Logos are to be placed within 1/32 inch of the location specified on the approved proof. If these standards are not met, customer service may consider the item defective.

If a customer wants to change a product's specifications after the order is received, customer service will work with them to remake the product to the new specifications. A new proof is required, and the new order may be discounted 50% off the merchandise only, up to a total credit of $250 (discount applies only to the same list of names, titles and product type). The customer will be responsible at this time for any return or replacement shipping costs.

Mistakes and errors made by the customer, such as an incorrect name spelling, sending the wrong logo or changes in product content, are not eligible for a return or refund.

Accidental damage, such as scratches, dings, dents, etc. are not eligible for a refund. However, if a logo happens to wear off from regular day-to-day usage (no abrasive cleaners or excessive rubbing), customer service may replace the product, if it is deemed defective, within one calendar year of the purchase date of these products.