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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Name Tag Inc

Monday-Friday: 7:00 AM-5:00 PM Mountain Time
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Guarantee, Returns & Refunds, Policies

If you have any questions about our guarantee, returns and refunds, or policies, call 1-800-272-5729 toll free and speak with a customer service representative.

Our Mission: To Serve Our Customers

Coller Industries Inc.'s founder and CEO, Clyde Coller has never forgotten the recipe for success: unmatched customer service. "We emphasize the importance of customer service from the first day of training new employees. Every time a customer receives an order that is not exactly what they ordered, everyone involved with that order meets and discusses ways to avoid the same problem in the future. And though we may not always get every single order correct, what we can control is how we treat our customers and what we will do to make things right. If you trust us to handle your personal identification needs, we'll be sure that you walk away completely satisfied."


Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. strives to serve its customers by providing the highest quality products at great prices. We back this up with support from outstanding customer service representatives and our satisfaction guarantee.

  1. All of our products are guaranteed defect free for one year, excluding accidental damage or improper handling/care.
  2. If your order is incorrect, please contact us within 60 days of the order's ship date and we will work with you on getting the problems/issues corrected. The steps taken to correct the problems/issues will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  3. If your order is made to the correct specifications and/or is within Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc.'s tolerances, but you are not satisfied, we may be able to work with you on a reprint for your order. Any steps taken on a reprint will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

Customers must obtain an RMA number before shipping any product back to Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. For returns where Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. is to pay shipping costs, a UPS Call Tag will be issued. Until the original products are received, refunds will not be processed. In some situations, replacement products will not be shipped until the return is received by Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc.

All non-customized (stock) items may be returned, but will be charged a 15% restocking fee unless the item is being exchanged. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs. Custom items (any personalized items or those requiring a signed proof) may not be returned or exchanged.

Defective Products

If the product received is defective or doesn't match the signed proof, Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. will work with the customer on replacing the order. There are certain tolerances in the printing process that must be met. If it is agreed upon to replace the order, we will pay the shipping costs to return the original order and to ship the new one.

No refund will be given on an order if it has been produced according to the signed proof specifications. However, if the customer decides to change the product's specifications, after the order is received, Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. will work with the customer to remake the product to the new specifications. A new proof will be sent, and the new order may receive up to 50% off the merchandise, up to a total credit of $250 (discount applies only to the same list of names/titles and product type). The customer will be responsible for any return or replacement shipping costs.

For further details or questions, please contact our quality control supervisor.

PHONE: 1-800-272-5729


First Articles

A First Article allows the customer to see a physical sample of the finished product, made to the proof's specifications, before the entire order is purchased. When ordering a First Article, the customer pays for the product itself, any appropriate set-up fee, and shipping costs. If the First Article is approved for production, these costs will be deducted from the final order cost.

*Ordering a First Article is highly recommended for customers with very detailed specifications.

Color Specifications

Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors are the best way to let us know what colors are expected. We will make reasonable efforts to match these colors. However, we are unable to guarantee color matching due to restrictions and limitations in the production processes. Due to display limitations, your digital proof may not be the exact final product color.

If you have specific color requirements, we recommend the purchase of a First Article or request a color sample in some circumstances. However, variations in materials, stamping foils, printer ribbons, equipment and environmental factors preclude any guarantee of exact color consistency from lot to lot or even item to item within the same lot.

Production Tolerances

Due to the variable nature of customized identification products, especially those with color logos, we are able to define only certain specific tolerances. All other discrepancies not covered on this page will be handled on a case by case basis by Quality Control and Customer Service.

PRODUCT SIZING – Ribbons, name tags, name plates and any customized item cut to order should be within 1/16" of the specified size.

LOGO PLACEMENT – Logos are to be placed within 1/32" of the location specified on the proof.


Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. strives to make reordering a smooth and pleasant experience. Whether you submit your reorder by utilizing the online reorder form (follow the link located at the top of the screen), send us an email, or call in your reorder, we've got you covered. We are always happy to to help and get your order out the door as quickly as possible.

Due to product and material variation, future availability of identical materials, stamping foils, printer ribbons, or equipment cannot be guaranteed. Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. will take all appropriate steps to ensure your products are as closely matched as possible from order to order.

Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. retains custom layouts (products that require a signed proof). Layouts for name tags and name plates are kept for two years; this cycle will renew with each reorder. Metal stamps created for hot-stamped name tags and name plates will be retained for an 18 month period after the most recent order. Dies used for ribbons will not be saved unless specifically requested. In this case, additional charges will apply to retain them for our standard 18 month period. New dies and custom layouts will be required, with appropriate charges, for reorders occurring after these specified time frames.

Company Policies

At Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. your complete privacy and confidentiality is highly important to us. Please be assured that your personal information will NEVER be shared with or distributed to anyone else.

PRIVACY POLICY — Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. only collects information necessary for providing proper service to its customers. Information is never released to third parties, nor will your logo be used on any other products without your prior consent.

ADVERTISING — Customers authorize Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. to use images and samples of products made for the customer in our advertising. They may also be included on our customer lists. However, customer contacts will not be released without prior approval.

Customer Responsibilities

  • All proofs for custom products must be reviewed, signed and returned to Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. before production on your product will begin. All orders will be made according to the approved proof specifications. If changes are required to the original proof, an additional proof will be sent for approval. If, during this process, you have any questions or concerns about your proof, please contact customer service.
  • Lists of variable information (names, titles, etc.) to be engraved/printed must be prepared to the specifications required by Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. If you have questions, please refer to the List Submission section of the Resources and Information page for those details.
  • When placing a reorder, most often a new proof will not be sent. If you require a proof for your reorder, please request one when placing the order. If there are changes on the reorder, a new proof will be sent automatically. If no changes are made, the original proof will remain as the approval for the order.
  • All problems with any order must be reported as quickly as possible and no later than 60 days after receipt of the product. If there are any problems or defects in your order, notify Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. immediately especially if timing is important. Please also report any shipping problems as soon it is recognized. Failure to do so may eliminate some remedies.
  • A Return Authorization (RMA) # must be obtained before any purchase can be returned. Please contact customer service to obtain this required RMA#. This also applies to any call tags that need to be issued from Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. to return the merchandise.
  • Ordering a First Article is highly recommended for large orders or when there are specific details required. This First Article will help to confirm the acceptability of the product before the full order is produced. Costs on the final order will be adjusted if the First Article is approved.
  • Mistakes and/or errors made by the customer, such as an incorrect name spelling, sending the wrong logo, or changes in product content, are NOT covered by our guarantee.
  • All art received by Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. must be in compliance with all trademark, copyright, patent or related laws or acts and are the responsibility of the customer. Each customer assumes full responsibility for all claims and/or litigation arising from alleged infringement of licenses, patents or copyrights on any requested design or copy.

Proper Product Care and Handling

Proper handling is important to the long-lasting quality of the products produced by Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. Please follow these easy steps for product care and avoid unnecessary damage that isn't covered by our satisfaction guarantee.

Store your products in a safe, dry place. Moisture and heat can warp or damage some of Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc.'s products, especially those with printed or hot-stamped logos on them.

If you need to clean your tags, we recommend that you use denatured alcohol. Try to avoid getting any alcohol on the logos or fasteners because it may damage the adhesives on the fasteners and destroy hot-stamped logos or bleed material color into the engraving. Be sure to test that your cleaner will remove the type of marker you are using on your tag before applying it to the whole tag. We have not tested other solvents, and they could potentially damage your tags.

Accidental damage, such as scratches, dings, dents, etc., are not covered by our guarantee. However, if your logo happens to wear off from regular day-to-day usage (no abrasive cleaners or excessive rubbing), Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. will replace any tags that are deemed defective in this regard within one calendar year of the purchase date of these products.

Name Tag Inc

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