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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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2211 South 300 West , Salt Lake City, UT 84115   |   Print Date: January 29 2020 08:53:03 AM

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

We Know Name Tags

Save time and money with reusable badges.

Speedy Badges

Large Badges

Small Badges


Large Speedy Badges

With plenty of room for your information these quality plastic window badges are the perfect solution for short term name badge use. Each badge measures 1.25x x 3.125 inches. Inserts and templates for printing them are also available.

Small Speedy Badges

Small name badges are light weight and easy to wear. There is still plenty of room to add a name that is easy to see. Each badge measures 0875 x 2.625 inches. Inserts and templates for printing them are also available.

Mighty Badges, Logo Badges, Name Tag Blanks, Badge Holders

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Mighty Badges | Logo Badges
Name Tag Blanks | Badge Holders

Name Tag, Inc. carries a wide selection of reusable name badges. If you don't see what you want give us a call and we'll help you find it. Large selection – Low prices!

Speedy Badges

PRICE INCLUDES: One Speedy Badge with a pin or magnetic fastener and clear plastic lens. Inserts are sold separately.

Paper inserts for Speedy Badges may be printed using your ink jet or laser printer. The inserts are sold in a package of 10 sheets of perforated 67 pound card stock. Templates to assist in printing are available.

Large Badge with Magnetic Fastener$2.45$2.40$2.23$2.17$2.12Call
Large Badge with Pin Fastener$1.45$1.39$1.33$1.28$1.22Call
Small Badge with Magnetic Fastener$2.12$2.06$2.01$1.95$1.89Call
Small Badge with Pin Fastener$1.22$1.17$1.11$1.06$1.00Call


PRICE INCLUDES: One package with 10 sheets of perforated card stock.

Large Inserts (Package: 160 inserts - 10 sheets with 16 inserts per sheet)$5.49$4.39$3.29$2.74$2.24Call
Small Inserts (Package: 360 inserts - 10 sheets with 36 inserts per sheet) $5.49$4.39$3.29$2.74$2.24Call

Name Tag, Inc. offers several generic templates to help you print your inserts. These templates can be used in Microsoft® Word or OpenOffice™. DUE TO THE NUMBER OF VARIABLES IN HOW YOU MIGHT HAVE YOUR DOCUMENT SOFTWARE CONFIGURED, WE DO NOT OFFER TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR THESE TEMPLATES. All templates have been set up using Microsoft® Word. Adjustments might be needed when using another software program.

Speedy Badges, smal and large sizes.