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Sign Frames

Incorporating colorful, attractive interior signage throughout your office or facility helps clients and customers feel more welcome and improves their perception of your business. It also helps create a supportive environment for your employees. Sign frames are an easy and efficient way to increase the value of your signage, lifting your sign away from the mounting surface and framing it an with eye-pleasing frame. You can add these sign frames to your existing signage (providing they are the correct sizes); however we recommend updating all of the signage in your building at a very reasonable cost. We offer free, professional assembly when signs and frames are ordered together. That way, they will arrive and be ready to hang in your desired location. Each sign frame is available in your choice of black or gray and comes with screws and double-sided tape for hanging.

Available Sizes: 2 x 10 inches, 4 x 12 inches, 6 x 12 inches, 6 x 6 inches.