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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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2211 South 300 West , Salt Lake City, UT 84115   |   Print Date: September 25 2020 06:21:09 AM

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
We are happy to be open and serving you for all your name tag needs. Our business hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Name Tag Selection Guide

Answer a few questions about how you will be using your name tags and the options you would like, and we will guide you to the solution that best fits your needs.

What is most important to you in selecting your name tags?


Plastic Name Tags, Metal Name Tags,
Color of Name Tags

Plastic and Metal Name Tags, Name Tag Color


Name Tags Without A Logo,
Name Tags With A Logo

Name Tags with and without logos


Durable Name Tags, Reusable
Badges, Single Use Badges

Durable Classic Name Tags, Reusable Badges including Mighty Badges, and Single Use Badges and Badge Holders

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Same Day, 24 Hours, 2 Days,
Time Is Not Critical

Name Tags with a variety of production and shipping times.
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