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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
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Three Benefits of Installing Interior Signage

Signs are more than decor. They offer directional assistance, location marking, and information to visitors and clientele.

Directional Signs: Help those in your building get from point A to point B. THIS WAY OUT and NOT AN EXIT provide additional navigation help as everyone transverse your facility.

Location Signs: When you label a door with signage (CONFERENCE ROOM, RESTROOM, and LOUNGE), everyone knows the purpose of the room that is behind the door.

Information Signs: Give instructions and improve safety by posting signs stating your expectations. Signs with the text THIS IS A SMOKE FREE BUILDING and KEEP DOOR CLOSED clearly state a requested behavior.

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Material Colors for Signs

Every sign can be customized by selecting material color to match your decor and branding.

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