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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Quality Badge Holders

Great prices on the quality badge holders for your meeting, conference or trade show.

Combine badge holders with lanyards and ribbons.

Add a finishing touch to badge holders with custom or standard lanyards. Identify those with special roles by attaching a ribbon to their badge holder, displaying their title or position. 50+ stock titles are pre-printed and ready for shipping. Custom titles may also be ordered.

Badge Ribbons

If you don't see what you want give us a call and we'll help you find it. Large selection – Low prices!

Quantity Pricing

PRICE INCLUDES:Prices shown in this chart are the price per badge. Printable inserts sold separately. Shipping costs will be displayed in the shopping cart.

Minimum Order: 25 badge holders, this product must be ordered in multiples of 25.

BH553M03 - Vinyl Badge Holder w/ Magnet$2.30$1.90$1.66$1.50$1.36$1.32Call
BH553B01 - Vinyl Badge Holder w/ Pin/Clip Combo$1.50$1.14$0.75$0.60$0.49$0.45Call
BH575SH04 - Vinyl Badge Holder w/ Punched Slot/Holes$0.60$0.45$0.35$0.25$0.20$0.16Call
BH553H03 - Vinyl Badge Holder w/ Punched Holes$0.60$0.45$0.35$0.25$0.20$0.16Call
BH553C01 - Light Vinyl Badge Holder w/ Clip$1.24$0.93$0.62$0.47$0.37$0.34Call
BH553P01 - Light Vinyl Badge Holder w/ Pin$0.92$0.69$0.46$0.34$0.28$0.25Call
BH410G01 - Acetate Badge Holder w/ Pin$0.49$0.37$0.24$0.18$0.15$0.13Call
BH386V01 - Vertical Badge Holder w/ Punched Slot$0.47$0.35$0.23$0.18$0.14$0.13Call

Insert Pricing

PRICE INCLUDES: Blank Paper Inserts are sold by the package: There are 6 inserts per page, 10 sheets per package, for a total of 60 inserts. Shipping costs will be displayed in the shopping cart.

Package of 3x4" Inserts (Total of 60 inserts)$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00Call

Printing Inserts for Badge Holders

Name Tag, Inc. offers several generic templates to help you print your inserts. These templates can be used in Microsoft® Word or OpenOffice™. DUE TO THE NUMBER OF VARIABLES IN HOW YOU MIGHT HAVE YOUR DOCUMENT SOFTWARE CONFIGURED, WE DO NOT OFFER TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR THESE TEMPLATES. All templates have been set up using Microsoft® Word. Adjustments might be needed when using another software program.

PRINTING USING THE TEMPLATE: Save the template to your computer, open the file to enter your names and titles and print onto the insert sheet using an inkjet or laser printer. Name Tag, Inc. is not responsible for any damage to your printing equipment. Please review your equipment manual for product suitability.


Additional information on using our templates is available in the Resource Center on the Insert Printing Page; including how to use our templates, links to all available templates and simplified instructions on how to set up your own templates using mail merge. This information is offered as a resource; you are responsible for your own results, and we do not offer technical support.