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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
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Quality Badge Holders

Badge holders in a assortment of materials: Light weight to heavy duty vinyl, acetate, and woven nylon neck wallets.

Badge Holders By Material

Light Weight Vinyl Badges

Vinyl Badges

Heavy Duty Vinyl Badges

Acetate Badges

Printable Paper Inserts

Light Weight Vinyl Badge Holders

Supply your attendees with quality badge holders while staying within your budget. Their light weight makes them comfortable to wear so people can enjoy your event. Choose whichever fastener you or your attendees like best for horizontal or vertical badges.

Vinyl Badge Holders

Make all of your events better with these popular vinyl badges. With a variety of fastener options, every conference or convention attendee will be able to attach their badge somewhere for everyone to see. These are the most durable badges at 10 mil plastic for the front and 8 mil for the back.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Badges

Looking for that hard to find size? Or, do you just need something super big to fit all of your text? No matter you need for giant, heavy duty badge holders, this is the place. With printable inserts, add as much information as you need.

Acetate Badge Holders

Trifolded, 7.5 mil acetate badge holders are great for a one time use at any event. No matter your convention or conference needs for quick identification, these are your go-to answer. Print the insert, slip it into the holder and you're ready to go.

Paper Inserts

When you design your own insert, your badge holders are sure to please anyone. Add any text and graphic your printer can handle and get to stuffing these fun and colorful cardstock sheets. They are perforated for easy tearing and work on nearly any inkjet or laser printer.