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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

Quality Badge Holders

Badge holders with fasteners that include deluxe magnetic fasteners, traditional pins and clips, punched slots and holes.

Badge Holders By Fastener

Magnetic Fasteners

Punched Slot & Holes

Pins & Bulldog Clip Fasteners

Trade Show Organizer w/ Lanyard

Printable Paper Inserts

Magnetic Fasteners

A magnetic fastener securely holds the badge and will not damage clothing, so no worries about holes or tears which may be caused by pins or clips. Although more expensive than other fasteners, they are more comfortable to wear, place the users name where it is easy to read, and save the cost of a lanyard.

Punched Slot and Holes

Punched slots on the badges accommodate clip-on-a-strap fasteners or lanyards that have a bulldog clip attachment. Holes may be used with an elastic cord, a chain, or lanyards with a hook style attachment.

Pin and Bulldog Clip Fasteners

Traditional and inexpensive, pin fasteners are easy to use and attach securely to many fabrics. Bulldog clips may clip onto pockets and collars and will not not poke holes in clothing. Combination pin/clip fasteners allow the wearer to choose between the pin or clip fastener.

Trade Show Organizer w/ Lanyard

Trade show organizers have a pouch, a clear name badge slot and knitted cotton straps with a length adjusting slide. Two pockets and a pen holder are on the back side.

Printable Paper Inserts

Print your own inserts using your ink-jet or laser printer. These 67 pound index(card stock) sheets of inserts have been perforated for easy use. Sold in packages of 10 sheets (all sheets are the same color). Available in white, gray, buff, light green, light blue, pink, salmon and yellow.