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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
Top 3 Reasons to Reuse Instead of Replace

1. Create a new nameplate at any time. Print the inserts using your desktop printer, and assembly takes less than a minute.

2. The cost for these nameplates is about 25% less than an engraved plastic or metal nameplate with a wall mount or desk holder.

3. Changing the inserts will be much cheaper, about $1.25, than the cost of a new engraved nameplate ($8-$14).

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Printing and Assembling the Reusable Name Plates

To complete your name plate, you will print your inserts and assemble the finished products. We offer basic templates for printing, but we recommend the use of the Name Print Graphics software.

Printing & Assembly

Inserts may be printed using Name Print Graphics (NPG) software or word document templates.

Quantity Discounts

Save even more if you order in larger quantities, and since you print the inserts as needed, the badges can be stored until required.

Quality Guarantee

With over 25 years of experience, we always guarantee 100% satisfaction with every purchase.