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We understand that preparing and sending your artwork can be complicated. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at: 1-800-272-5729

Artwork requirements may also be viewed in a printable PDF format.


Art Requirements

High-quality artwork is required for all processes. All artwork will be reviewed by a designer and adjustments will be made to your order if necessary. These adjustments will be shown on your proof prior to production. If any adjustments to your artwork must be made by Coller Industries Incorporated / Name Tag, Inc., additional charges may apply.

Unfortunately, we cannot consider faxes, photocopies, business cards, printed products or photos of any of the above to be print-ready artwork. We can quote most jobs by using such artwork, but we cannot use this art for production. Artwork submitted must be PC compatible. If you want to submit files that have been created on a Macintosh, please convert ALL text to curves and save it in a PC compatible format.

All artwork received must comply with all trademark, copyright, patent and related laws and acts, and are the responsibility of the customer. Each customer assumes full responsibility for all claims and litigation arising from alleged infringement of licenses, patents and copyrights on any requested design and copy.

File Formats

VECTOR ART: Laser engraving, hot-stamping, imprinted ribbons and silk screened lanyards all require vector art files. UV Color Logo products, Mighty Badges™ and Reusable Name Plates require vector art for printing on all material colors other than white. Files included: .eps, .ai, .cdr, .pdf.

BITMAP ART: Digitally Printed Plastic Name Tags, full color ribbons, and dye-sublimated lanyards may use either vector or bitmap artwork (300 dpi or better). A high-quality bitmap image may be acceptable for UV Color Logo products, Mighty Badges™, and Reusable Name Plates if using white material. Bitmap files include: .jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif, .tif, .ppt, .psd, .pdf.

Additional Information>

VECTOR ART: Just because an image has been saved in one of these formats does not mean the artwork itself has vector information included. Before submitting your artwork, convert all text to curves or outlines.

Vector art means the computer mathematically plots the outline of each shape and applies a fill color. The computer knows exactly what shapes are in the image. If you zoom in on a vector file, the colors remain clear, the edges clean and well defined (see sample below). Unless you have a vector program on your computer (e.g. Adobe® Illustrator, CorelDRAW), these files will not be viewable.

example of vector art

BITMAP ART: All images need to be high quality, 300 dpi or better. An image from the internet (usually .jpg, .png, .gif) saved at a resolution of 72 dpi may look great on your monitor, but will not print well. You cannot improve the quality of the image simply by saving it with higher dpi settings. The image will have more dots per inch, but the quality will remain the same or even degrade further.

Bitmap art uses a grid of tiny squares of color (pixels) to create the image. The computer will not know what shape is in the image because it does not recognize color differences in pixels. When you zoom in on a low quality bitmap image, you will see squares, rough edges and uneven colors (see sample below).

Example of bitmap (raster) art.

Vector Art Creation

If you do not have a vector art version of your logo available, you have three options: (1) Switch to a process that does not require it (if available), (2) complete the job without the artwork or (3) authorize the creation of vector artwork. Our design team will contact you if there are issues with your artwork so that you may decide how to proceed.

VECTOR ART CREATION FEE: $30.00 - This must be pre-paid before file conversion begins. You will be charged for this service even if your order is not completed. At your request, we can send the completed files to you for future projects. There is a 24 hour turnaround time for vector file creation; this will delay your proof arrival.

Customer Supplied Layouts

We are happy to accept designs for your project. However, our proprietary software must be used to set up custom products. We will match your layout but need to adjust for the printing requirements and restrictions of our machines.

NAME TAGS, NAME PLATES, PHOTO IDS: All variable elements will be inserted in the same place, using the same font and size, and cannot be adjusted on a piece-by-piece basis. Layouts are therefore set up to accommodate the longest name/title and all other variables will then fit in the same space on each tag/plate/ID. You may submit one example with a name and other variable information. Please also submit a file that contains only the elements that will remain exactly the same on every piece.

DIGTIALLY PRINTED PLASTIC NAME TAGS: If you are creating a tag that will have an image that fills the background area of the tag or meets the edge (bleed), create your background image to the exact size of the tag. No overlap or bleed area is required. Keep the corners of your image square even if you plan on rounding the corners on the tag.

FULL COLOR RIBBONS: Ribbons with an image that fills the background of the ribbon or meets an edge (bleed), require an additional 0.125" of the image on all sides. As print area varies for each ribbon type and size, you must know the exact product and size which you are ordering to choose the correct template. Templates for the layout of these products are available on our Personalized Ribbons site at

Color Matching

Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors are the best way to let us know what colors are expected. We will make reasonable efforts to match these colors. However, we are unable to guarantee color matching due to restrictions and limitations in the production processes. Due to display limitations, your digital proof may not be the exact final product color. Hot-stamping, engraving and surface colors are limited to available materials, and variations and environmental factors in such preclude any color guarantee.

If you have specific color requirements, there are two ways to check on color availability before proceeding with your order. You may request a product sample; this will show material and engraved colors. You may also request a First Article; this is a physical sample of your finished product and will be made to your proof specifications. When ordering a First Article, you will be charged a set-up fee, the product cost and shipping. If the First Article is approved for production, these costs will be deducted from the final order cost.


On every order page there is a list of recommended available fonts for each process. If you have a specific font that you would like to use, and it is not shown for your chosen process, you may request it and we will see if it is available. You will be advised if there are any problems with your font request.

Die Retention

Metal stamps must be created for hot-stamped name tags, name plates and some custom ribbons. These dies will be retained for an 18 month period after the most recent order. New dies will be required, with appropriate charges, for reorders occurring after the specified time frame.