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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

A variety of event name tags

Event Name Tags

The quality of the badge you choose for your event says a lot about the quality of your event. Cost-effective conference badges make a great first impression and identify your staff, leadership, and attendees. They also create a climate that helps to get conversations and potential business relationships off to a good start.

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Conference Name Tags

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Badge Holders

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Conference Name Tags

Why print and stuff badge holders when you can get something that holds up better and looks more professional? From complicated designs that include full or partial bleeds (off-edge printing) to single-color graphics, these name tags are perfect for any event need. Each badge is laminated to make them durable enough to last for the entire conference or party.

Adhesive Name Badges

Stick-on name badges are the perfect single-use option for any event. Available in five bright colors and white, it is easy to color-code your participant list and identify roles or simplify group breakout sessions. Even better is the ease of printing or writing on each badge.

Badge Holders

An event classic, badge holders, are available in vertical and horizontal orientations in a variety of sizes and fasteners. Magnetic fasteners are a clothing-friendly solution or select a classic pin, lanyard or bulldog clip. It is easy to print your information on card-stock inserts, assemble and you are ready for your meeting or conference.

Name Tag Buyers Guide

Find the answers to your questions about name tags, including materials, design options, time to delivery and more.

Professional Design Services

Avoid the hassle of doing the design work. Our design department will take you from concept to completion.

Quality Guarantee

We are the name tag experts! With 25 years of experience, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with every purchase.