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The Learning Center is full of articles about learning how to host the best event ever, networking with colleagues and so much more. We guarantee that the information you find here will help you and your business. With a wide range of products such as ribbon rolls, rosettes, name tags, lanyards and award plaques, we want to make sure that you know how and where to use them. Whether you’re planning the best conference anyone will ever attend or hosting a simple dinner party, The Learning Center is here to make sure you are using these tools in the best possible ways.

Meetings, Conferences and Other Events

Preparation is what makes the difference when planning any event. Meetings are vital for communication and management, and how they are run can solve problems, save time and increase productivity. Conferences are more than an assembly of people for a cause or common interest. Each event is a place to convene and plan for upcoming projects, workshops and so much more.

While most events occur on a face-to-face basis, other event forms can include video conferences and telephone meetings. Each conference and meeting deserves the same preparation and strategies as a face-to-face. And while there is no substitute for a physical meeting, all events should be prepared thoughtfully and with a purpose.

Networking, Branding & Marketing Strategies

Networking is a supportive system of sharing and exchanging information and services among individuals, groups or institutions that have a mutual interest. Specifically, it is the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. It is fundamental to note that networking is also an active development of these relationships made in business for use and purposes beyond what the initial contact was for.

This networking is obtained by practicing specific branding and marketing strategies. Especially when it comes to a business network, making sure that these lines are present is crucial. Without them, a communication system no longer exists. These lines, commonly referred to as a relationship or communication, are the most important thing to maintain a network. If you don’t have a good set of contacts, a brand that can support itself, or strong marketing strategies, a network will fail.

education and teaching tool in the classroomEducation & Teaching Tools

Whether it’s for the first day of school or needing to know how to make a lesson plan, this information is for everyone in the education field. Even students can learn from these articles. From how to use identification products in the classroom to tips on setting up storage for the school year, you can find it all here.

Help your students with their productivity and classroom etiquette. Make sure that students and faculty feel like they belong and provide them with acceptance as individuals. Or, figure out how to use all of the supplies that you have purchased or been given. No matter your educational need, this is the section for you.

retail and sales and wearing name tagsRetail and Sales

Unfortunately, we have all seen when a customer walks into a store and doesn’t get the attention they were looking for, so they leave. They were expecting something that the store offers but didn’t feel that they got the right help while looking for the desired product. While it may seem like a small thing, a simple way to avoid your customers feeling this way is to provide name tags for your employees. These tags can immediately remove any barriers or concerns a customer may have. They allow customers to ask questions and express these concerns to those who care. In turn, this establishes trust and keeps people coming back to your store.

So, no matter your location or business, name tags are here to help. From security to branding, retail establishments have almost become synonymous with name tag use. When a retail employee wears a name tag with a logo on it, the tag becomes a form of advertising. It can then reinforce the company’s brand in the minds of their customers. These name tags have so much power, but you must first give it to them.

Wearing and Using Identification

Name tags may seem like a trivial thing, but clever use of this tool needs to be part of your marketing. Wearing and using identification provides a means to offer your customers exceptional service. Employees who wear name badges signal a sense of responsibility and become approachable at any time. As such, identification is an important part of any corporate identity.

Often worn in work environments, name tags are a required uniform piece. They are used by many companies, such as restaurants and retailers, so that customers can identify an employee quickly by name. Others use name tags in professional settings where uniforms are not typically worn. These include universities, banks and other companies.

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