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Selection Guide - Name Tags

Buyers Guide
Name Tags

Name Tags are deceptively simple, but there are many questions to be answered. What size is best? How do I know what information should be on the tags? What colors are available? How long will it take for my name tags to be delivered? The questions may seem endless, but don't worry, we are here to help.

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Materials and Colors

What is the best material for name tags?
What colors are available?

A variety of materials are available, including laserable plastics and metals in a large selection of colors. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each so that you select the best for your products.

Designing Name Tags

What should I put on a name badge?
What are the advantages of adding a logo?

Make sure your name tags provide the information needed. Most importantly, for a name tag to do the job required, the name must be easy to read from a comfortable distance. Other valuable information to include would be a title; this can help open communication at networking events and between your employee and the customer.

Promote your business by adding a company logo to new name tags. From a single color, engraved logo to full-color and UV graphics, each image will look great on either plastic or metal. We even offer hot-stamp logos with metallic foils.

Production and Delivery Times

How long will it take for my name tags to be delivered?
I need this for an event, will they be done in time?
Can I see what my product will look like before ordering?

Producing quality name tags takes time, but many orders ship within one business day. If you are ordering for an event, share the date during checkout, and we will use all of the available options to get them to you on time at the lowest possible cost.

Our designers prepare a proof showing the design layout and the information on your order for every custom product. You may also request a 'First Article' where we will send you a single item produced from your proof. The cost of the First Article will be deducted from your completed order, essentially making it free.

Using Name Badges

Which products are best for my event?
Who should wear a name tag?

There are so many advantages to wearing a name tag that we don't even know where to start. Are you an employer who wants to help your customers feel comfortable and hold your employees accountable? A professional who would like to network at an event or to define what your credentials are? A school teacher who wants a quick way to learn names and identify volunteers? No matter why you need name tags, we have the perfect product. We carry a wide range of name tags in almost every price range so you can find the best solution.

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