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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
Custom shaped name tags, badge holders and other name badges help to enjoy summer while working.
Various Metal Name Tags

Metal Name Tags, Materials and Colors

With gold and silver engraved gloss or mirrored colors, these metal name tags attract attention and invite the conversation to begin. Tell us how you want your name tag to look, or let our team of experts design a layout for you.

Laser marked satin gold and silver name tags.
Silver and gold engraving on various gloss and mirror colored metals.
Offered in 6 standard and custom sizes up to 12 square inches.
Attractive pricing with quantity discounts.

Quality Guarantee

All products are made to your specifications. We check everything twice before shipping your order. Name Tag, Inc. has had greater than a 99% accuracy rate for the past five years.

Product Examples

Touch, feel and see the quality of our products.

The Guide to Buying Name Tags

What material is best? Will I get to preview the layout? Your questions about name tags are answered in this selection guide.

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