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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
Custom shaped name tags, badge holders and other name badges help to enjoy summer while working.

Metal name tags with laser engraved logos, custom sized up to 12 square inches

Do you want a custom size name tag so that you can be a company who is outside of the norm? We have the option of being able to choose a size that would work best for you. Add your employee's names and company logo for proper branding, too.

Set-up Fee: $25.00

Product Specifications

Quantity Pricing

Engraved Logo (Metal)
Custom Size Name Tags

If you have ordered this product before, use the reorder page to allow for faster processing, consistency with previous orders and no set-up fees.

Name tags must be between 2 square inches and 12 square inches. Please enter the height and width using decimals or fraction formats with a hyphen(-) or space( ) between the whole number and the fraction (1-1/2 or 1 1/2).

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Price Calculator

As you configure your item, the price will be shown here.

Product Specifications

Your logo text will be engraved onto the surface of the metal, creating permanent, durable name tags.

SIZE: Name tags must be between 2 square inches and 12 square inches. Oversized tags may be ordered as metal name plates.

MATERIAL: The badges are made using 0.02 inch thick two-ply metal, and are available in a variety of colors, including satin silver and gold. Reflective mirror-like metals offer bright and unique finishes, and semi-gloss lacquers are a classic choice. To see the quality of the materials, you may request an example of our products.

STYLE: Round corners.

FASTENER: Some fasteners may not fit on a custom size tag. If there is a problem with your selection, we will contact you.

DOME: A dome surface protects the name tag against everyday wear and tear.

LOGO: Vector artwork is required for this product (files ending in .eps or .ai) More information on artwork requirements can be found here:

TEXT: One to four lines of text

SET-UP FEE: $25 set-up fee on your first order. We maintain your custom design to make it easier to reorder.

PROOF: If vector art for your logo is provided when the order is placed, a proof showing your design will be sent via email within one business day of placing your order.

PRODUCTION: Production will begin when we have received your list for engraving and approval of the proof. Up to 99 name tags will ship the next business day. Quantities above 99 plates and those with dome surfaces may need extra time.

SHIPPING: The opportunity to select shipping methods is available during the checkout process.

Quantity Pricing Tables

The prices are calculated for one custom size (under 4 sq. inches) metal name tag with an engraved logo, one line of text and a standard fastener.

You may use the price calculator directly below the order form to see the price for the tag as you have it configured. Pricing for custom-sized tags is dependent on size, number of lines, selected fastener and any upgrade options.

Custom Size Logo Name Tags, less than 4 sq. inches (1 Line)$8.16$7.76$6.94$5.71$4.49$4.09$3.67$3.26Call
Custom Size Logo Name Tags, less than 4 sq. inches (1 Line)$9.47$9.01$8.05$6.63$5.21$4.76$4.26$3.79Call
Custom Size Logo Name Tags, less than 4 sq. inches (1 Line)$10.78$10.26$9.16$7.56$5.94$5.42$4.84$4.31Call
Custom Size Logo Name Tags, less than 4 sq. inches (1 Line)$12.09$11.51$10.28$8.48$6.66$6.08$5.43$4.84Call
*Each Additional Square inch$0.88$0.83$0.75$0.62$0.48$0.44$0.40$0.35Call
†Domed Surface$3.75$3.75$3.75$3.75$3.75$3.75$3.75$3.75Call
†Magnetic Fastener$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.45$1.40Call
†Punched slot (Required for Clip on a Strap)$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00Call
†Clear Pocket Clip$1.50$1.50$1.40$1.35$1.30$1.28$1.25$1.23Call

*The preferred method of calculating the cost of your custom-sized name tag is our pricing calculator at the bottom of the custom selections. However, if you would like to know how we calculate this price, you can follow these steps:

To find the total tag cost, follow these steps:

Additional square inches = ((height x width)-3) round down to the nearest integer) x price for each additional inch.
Total Price = Additional square inches + tag price from the table.

  1. You will need to figure out the total square inches for the custom size. Do this by multiplying the height by the width.
  2. Once you have the total square inches for your custom size, subtract three. This number comes from the three square inches included in all tags. Round down to the nearest integer.
  3. Now that you know how many additional square inches your custom size requires, you need to calculate the extra cost per name tag. Do this by multiplying the additional square inches by the price found in the pricing table. NOTE: This cost is variable due to quantity discounts.
  4. After figuring out how much these additional square inches will cost, add that cost to the original name tag price also located in the pricing table. This number will give you the total cost per name tag. If you need to know what your total order cost will be, take the cost per name tag and multiply it by the number of tags you are ordering.

(e.g., For five 2 x 4 inch name tags with one line of text : (((2 x 4) – 3) x $0.67) + $5.91) = $9.26 each, $46.30 total product price.)

†Add the cost of these optional upgrades to the cost of your tags for the total product cost.

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