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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
Custom shaped name tags, badge holders and other name badges help to enjoy summer while working.

Selection Guide - Name Tags

Buyers Guide
Who Needs Name Tags? Everyone!

Studies have shown that when people know each other's names, communication is enhanced. That is why name tags are so important. Whether you are a professional, a business, an educator, a meeting planner, or anyone else, name tags are for you.

Name tags have a variety of usages. This page can help with your decision making:

Professional Name Tags

As a professional, you understand the importance of connecting with your clients; name tags support this communication. You also know the importance of quality and how every detail matters, including your name tags. Create professional name tags by personalizing them with names, titles and credentials. Customize the size, material, and fastener, and add an optional logo to create unique tags that support your business branding. Remember to make yours unique by adding a dome and an elegant frame. These name tags are perfect for real estate, medical offices, lawyers, legal planning, education administration and more.

Employee Name Tags

Empower your employees by providing name tags with various positive benefits. We all know how vital communication is, and name tags facilitate interchanges between employees and customers. Having their name where anyone can see it also helps to hold employees accountable for their actions. When you add a logo to a name tag, you increase your brand's visibility. As your employees move around the community, your brand is seen and remembered. For larger companies, a name tag provides the security of knowing who a person is and whether they are where they should be.

High Turnover Rates

Sometimes you know there is the potential for high turnover rates for a job position (day camps, seasonal employees, retail, visitors, etc.), and reusable name badges are the perfect solution. Adding names is as simple as printing labels or inserts, or writing on the badges with a permanent marker.

Meetings, Conferences and Conventions

Communication is essential when people gather to learn, exchange information, make decisions, and collect feedback. Name tags provide an initial point of connection that allows the critical business to begin.

Additional products for meetings: Badge Ribbons, Name Plates, Lanyards and Signs.


When a short time frame does not allow for a more permanent solution or the name tags are needed only for single-use, these temporary badges enable everyone to receive the benefits associated with name tags, including improved communication and networking.

Quality Guarantee

We are the name tag experts! With 25 years of experience, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with every purchase.

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Professional Design Services

Avoid the hassle of doing the design work. Our design department will take you from concept to completion.

Name Tag Materials and Colors

Find the perfect name tag material and color. Select from plastic or metal in a large variety of colors.

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