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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
Custom shaped name tags, badge holders and other name badges help to enjoy summer while working.

Selection Guide - Name Tags

Buyers Guide
Materials & Colors

What name tag material will best suit your needs? Design considerations, usage and budget all factor into the decision.

Plastics are available in a large selection of colors, and metals are available in distinctive lacquer and mirror finishes. Adding a logo will also affect your material and color selections; laser plastics allow a UV logo on any color, but adding a UV logo to metal name tags restricts the available surface colors to gold, silver and white. Laminated badges are inexpensive and durable enough for multi-day usage.

Laser Plastic

Laser plastic is the most versatile of all materials. Name tags made from this material are customizable by choosing from a large selection of sizes or custom shapes and adding an engraved or UV color logo. Micro-surfaced impact acrylic (0.06 inches thick) has two layers; the top layer is removed during the engraving process, exposing the core color.

Additional products made using laser plastic: Nameplates (from 12 to 24 square inches), and signs (from 20 to 144 square inches).

euro gold/black
brushed aluminum/black
bright copper/black
smooth silver/black
white/sky blue
white/pine green
sky blue/white
sky blue/yellow
patriot blue/white
kelly green/white
medium Brown/white
ribbon pink/white
smoke gray/white
cherry wood/black
english walnut/white

*Metallic finish   |   †No metallic sheen

Digital Plastic

Digital printing offers advantages that are not available with any other process, including images that extend off the edge, printing the entire surface and colorful text.

Full Color Tags are printed on polar white material and are 0.04 inches thick. Size is limited to a maximum of 2x3 inches.

Printed on a white plastic blank, Photo IDs are 2.125 x 3.25 inches and 0.02 inches in thickness.

Laser Metals

Durable 0.02 inch thick metal is available in a variety of colors, including satin silver and gold. Solid and mirror colors will have the surface removed by the laser, revealing the silver or gold base material. The silver and gold materials' surface is oxidized, with the resulting engraving being black or smoke gray. Reflective mirror-like metals have a highly polished surface providing a bright and unique finish.

Additional products made using laser metal: Nameplates (from 12 to 24 square inches) and Executive Desk Wedges.

Satin Silver Metal with Smoke Gray Engraving
Black Metal with Silver Engraving
Black Metal with Gold Engraving
Royal Blue Metal with Silver Engraving
Royal Blue Metal with Gold Engraving
Mirror Blue Metal with Gold Engraving
Green Metal with Silver Engraving
Green Metal with Gold Engraving
Mirror Purple Metal with Silver Engraving
Mirror Purple Metal with Gold Engraving
Maroon Metal with Silver Engraving
Maroon Metal with Gold Engraving
Mirror Red Metal with Silver Engraving
Mirror Red Metal with Gold Engraving
Satin Blue Metal with Silver Engraving

*Mirror metals have a vibrant transparent color lacquered onto polished metal.

UV Metal

UV Metal is available in silver, gold and white and is 0.04 inch thick metal. White ink is available, so the white in your logo can be printed on silver or gold material. The printing process uses viscous inks to add your logo and text the product. A durable image is created by curing the inks directly onto the surface using ultra-violet light.


Alternative Materials

Alternative name tag materials help reduce your cost on products that may only be used a few times. Each of these alternatives is perfect for short term requirements like meetings, conferences and conventions.


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Learn the differences between the processes used to add a logo to your name tags and discover which is the best for your logo and badges.

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