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Metal name tag blanks

Sometimes it’s fun to create your company’s name tags. So, these metal name tags are cut from our durable 0.02 inch think material. Engrave them yourself or add titles, names and more with stickers or labels. For a more permanent solution, try a marker and write out any information you need on your identification. These are perfect for high turnover positions such as volunteers or seasonal staff.

Minimum Order: Five name tag blanks; No minimum on reorders.

Metal Name Tag Blanks

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0.75 x 2.75 inches
1 x 3 inches
1 x 3.5 inches
1.25 x 3 inches
1.25 x 3.5 inches
1.5 x 3 inches
1.5 x 3.5 inches
1.75 x 3 inches
2 x 3 inches
Custom Size

Name tags must be between 2 square inches and 12 square inches. Please enter the height and width using decimals or fraction formats with a hyphen(-) or space( ) between the whole integer and the fractions (1-1/2 or 1 1/2).

We could not parse one of your size entries please try again

Round Corners with Square-Cut Edges
Gold Classy Frame (+3.00)
Silver Classy Frame (+3.00)
Black Classy Frame (+3.00)
Deluxe Magnet (+1.10/qty discounts)
Double Clutch
Swivel Bulldog Clip
Bulldog Clip with Pin
Clear Pocket Clip (+1.50/qty discounts)
No Fastener
Assemble Fastener and Tag
Fastener Unattached to Tag

Price Calculator

As you configure your item, the price will be shown here.

Product Specifications

Name Tag Blanks are made out of high-quality metal. Add your own engraving or a label. If you choose to write on them with a marker, they may not be reusable.

SIZE: Nine standard sizes, custom sizes up to 12 square inches

MATERIAL: These name tags are made of 0.02 inch thick metal. When engraved the text will be gold, silver, smoke gray or black as described on the color chart.

FASTENERS: If you are going to be engraving these blank name tags consider ordering them without the fasteners attached.

CORNERS: Due to the sharpness of the metal material, all corners will be rounded.

FRAMES: Not all sizes have frames to match. If you require this additional feature, you will need to select a size with a frame option.

MINIMUM ORDER: Five name tag blanks; no minimum on reorders.

Quantity Pricing Tables

PRICE INCLUDES: Metal tag and a standard fastener (pin, bulldog clip, bulldog clip with pin, double clutch).

SHIPPING: You will be given the opportunity to select a shipping method during the checkout process.

Less than 4 square inches - 0.75x2.75", 1x3", 1x3.5", 1.25x3"$3.63$3.25$2.67$2.10$1.91$1.72Call
4-5 square inches - 1.25x3.5", 1.5x3"$4.42$3.96$3.26$2.56$2.33$2.10Call
5-6 square inches - 1.5x3.5", 1.75x3"$5.21$4.67$3.85$3.02$2.75$2.48Call
6-7 square inches - 2x3"$6.00$5.38$4.44$3.48$3.17$2.86Call
*Custom Sizes (over 7 sq inches) - Each Additional Square inch$0.79$0.71$0.59$0.46$0.42$0.38Call
**Round Corners with Beveled Edges$0.50$0.50$0.50$0.50$0.50$0.50Call
**Classy Name Tag Frame$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00Call
**Domed Surface$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50Call
**Magnetic Fastener$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10$0.96Call
**Clip on a Strap$0.44$0.44$0.32$0.28$0.25$0.22Call
**Clear Pocket Clip$1.50$1.50$1.25$1.25$1.15$1.15Call

*Add the additional square inch price to the 6-7 square inch price for the total cost of your tags.
**Add the cost of these optional upgrades to the cost of your tags for the total product cost.

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