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Budget foam tray for displaying badge holders

Organize your pre-printed badges for a smooth check-in process at your event. The badges slide into slots in the foam that hold them securely, making them easy to read and distribute. Budget Foam Trays can be used as a replacement insert for Budget Badge Cases.

Order by 11 a.m. Mountain time to have your cases shipped the same business day.

CAPACITY: 116 to 145 badge holders

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Budget Foam Tray

Part Numbers: BCF02 (1 inch foam), BCF03 (2 inch foam).

NOTE: When using these trays with Budget Badge Cases order 1 inch thick for 3x4 badges, and 2 inch thick for 2.25x3.5 and 2.5x3.5 badges.

1 inch Tray

2 inch Tray

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Product Specifications:

The foam trays have 0.50 inch deep slots cut every 0.375 inches into the top. Slide your badges into the slots, and they are held upright, simplifying their distribution.

CAPACITY: The size of your badges will affect the number displayed on each tray. If you are transporting 3 x 4 badges, the tray will accommodate approximately 116 badge holders. For 2.25 x 3.5 inch and 2.5 x 3.5 inch badges, it will accommodate around 145 badges.

DIMENSIONS: 18.75 x 11.25 inches, in your choice of 1 or 2 inch thickness.

WEIGHT: 0.3 lbs

Purchase Budget Badge Cases with foam trays so you can organize the badges before your event and then transport them securely; visit: BUDGET BADGE HOLDER CASES

Quantity Pricing Table

PRICE INCLUDES: Budget Foam Tray in your choice of 1 inch or 2 inch depth.

BCF02 - 1 inch Foam Display Tray$27.09$26.14$25.74$25.60$25.33Call
BCF03 - 2 inch Foam Display Tray$56.64$54.66$53.81$53.53$52.96Call

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