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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

1 inch foam tray with slots for badge holders.

Organize your pre-printed badges for a smooth check-in process at your event. The badges slide into slots in the foam that hold them securely, making them easy to read and distribute. Budget Foam Trays (1 inch) can be used as a replacement insert for Budget Badge Cases and 3x4 inch badge holders.

Order by 11 a.m. Mountain time (Monday-Friday) for same day shipping.


Organize your badges before an event, and then transport them securely with Budget Badge Cases.

Product Specifications

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Budget Foam Tray, 1 inch thick

Part Number: BCF02

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Product Specifications:

The foam trays have 0.50 inch deep slots cut every 0.375 inches across the top. Slide your badges into the slots so that they are held upright, simplifying their distribution. 

DIMENSIONS: 18.75x11.25 inches, 1 inch thickness.

CAPACITY: The size of your badges will affect the number displayed on each tray. If you are transporting 3x4 badges, the tray will accommodate approximately 116 badge holders. 

WEIGHT: 0.3 lbs

If you purchase this foam as a replacement for a Budget Badge Case, the one inch thick foam on this order works with 3x4 inch badge holders—order 2 inch foam for 2.25x3.5 or 2.5x3.5 inch badges. 


Quantity Pricing Table

PRICE INCLUDES: Budget Foam Tray, 1 inch thick.

BCF02 - 1 inch Foam Display Tray$27.09$26.14$25.74$25.60$25.33Call

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