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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

0.50x2 inch inserts for extra small sized mighty badges

Print your inserts on your office computer and then place them between the domed Lenscover™ and the metal backplate in this three-part system, creating a high-quality reusable name badge.

Inserts Per Page: 39 inserts on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet.

Product Specifications

Insert Printing

0.5 x 2 Inserts, Extra Small Mighty Badges™

Part Number: MBINS6

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Product Specifications

Clear Peel Off Inserts ($6.65 per sheet): Most laser printers may be used to print these transparent inserts. Extra small insert sheets are unavailable for inkjet printers, though other sizes offer inkjet compatible inserts.

White Paper Peel Off Inserts ($4.03 per sheet): Paper inserts are opaque, covering the metal backplate. They will work with either inkjet and laser printers.

You may be able to exchange undamaged product if an incorrect version of insert sheets is ordered. Please call for information.

Insert Printing

We recommend the Name Print Graphics (NPG) software to print your badges, as we do not offer technical support for the provided templates.

We offer some insert templates for Mighty Badges™ that are ready to print on your laser or inkjet printer. These can be printed using most printers; however, compatibility with your printer is not guaranteed. Note that HP LaserJet machines are only inkjet insert compatible.

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