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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

With low minimum quantities and the ability to mix and match titles stock badge ribbons are available in more than 50 imprinted titles. Custom ribbons may be personalized with your custom text and an optional logo.

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Badge Ribbons: Ribbon and Imprint Colors.

Imprinted Ribbons

Imprinted: Metallic or dye based foils are stamped onto the ribbons using metal or polymer dies and heat. The low minimum order quantity of 25 ribbons is combined with the ability to mix and match titles. Imprinting is used for these products: Custom text, graphic, stock titles and blank ribbons.

Ribbon Colors

*Neon bright colors may not display accurately on monitors and devices.

Imprint Colors

Metallic Blue
Metallic Red
Metallic Teal
Metallic Green
Metallic Purple
Metallic Pink

*These imprint colors may require a metal stamp.


These fonts are available for custom text and graphic ribbons, all stock ribbons will be printed using Arial Bold.

Arial Bold
Arial Rounded Bold
Avant Garde Demi
CAC Norm Heavy
GeoSlab 712 Bold
Handel Gothic Bold
Hobo BT
Seagull Hv
Souvenir Demi

Full Color Ribbons

Full Color Printed: Your custom full color design is printed onto white horizontal or vertical ribbons allowing for bright colors and bleeds (off-edge printing). There is a minimum order of 100 ribbons per design.