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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

The quality of your ribbons is essential. Use the information on this page to make the best choice for your order.

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Stamp Options For Imprinted Ribbons

All imprinted ribbons are made by transferring metallic or pigment (matte/gloss colored) foils to a ribbon's surface at high temperatures. To do this, a stamp is heated and the ribbon is placed beneath it. The foil is inserted between the two and the stamp presses down, transferring text and images. These stamps are changed for every ribbon title. We offer two options for these stamps: metal and polymer.

We do not recommend mixing the different stamp options on the same order as the differences in the two products are noticeable. When ordering both stock and custom titles, be aware that all stock titles are printed using metal stamps.

Polymer Stamps

ribbon stamps made from polymer.

Good quality, simple imprinting that is best for 24-point or larger text.

Corners may be slightly rounded, and smaller areas like the inside of an "A" may fill in.

7 imprint colors; silver and gold are recommended and are the most popular choices.

$11.25 set-up fee for each title

3 to 5 business days for production

Smaller quantities (as few as one per title)

Metal Stamps

ribbon stamps made from metal.

Superior quality imprinting that captures smaller text and details.

Clean sharp edges and corners, the imprint is more resistant to coming off.

11 imprint colors

$30.00 set-up fee for each title

4 to 7 business days for production

We will store your stamps up to 18 months for easy reordering of the same layout.

*A metal stamp is required for the following situations:

  • Text that is less than 18-point (text over 20 characters or long words that cannot be split).
  • Imprint colors that require a metal stamp.
  • More than 1,000 ribbons per title (ribbon and imprint colors may be mixed).
  • Ribbons that have a graphic or logo.