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Coller Industries, Incorporated

801-931-5000   |   www.nametag.com

2211 South 300 West , Salt Lake City, UT 84115   |   Print Date: May 26 2019 07:46:45 PM

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday, our phones and office will be closed Monday, May 27.
All orders received on this day will be processed on Tuesday, May 28. Thank you for your business and a happy holiday!

List Submission for Name Tags and Name Plates

Lists must be prepared by the customer to our specifications. If changes must be made to your list by Name Tag, Inc. / Coller Industries Incorporated, additional charges may apply.

We understand that preparing and sending a list can be complicated. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at:

Complete information on list submission may also be viewed in a printable PDF format.

Lists must be prepared by the customer to our specifications. All names, titles and other text that will be used in your order must be submitted in digital form. Coller Industries Incorporated / Name Tag, Inc. does not accept submissions via fax or verbally over the phone.

Enter text EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your product, including upper/lower case letters and punctuation. Lists must contain all text to be engraved. For duplicate tags, enter the text twice. Long lines of text may be condensed to fit the available space. Examples of correctly formatted one, two and three line lists are shown below.

Mark G.
Allison Meyers

Margaret Jones

Mark Gillam
Allison Meyers
Artistic Director
Happy Feet

Margaret Jones
Executive Assistant
Happy Feet

Proofread carefully! Your list will be used to engrave your product. Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. is not responsible for lists that are formatted incorrectly or contain errors.

Coller Industries Incorporated / Name Tag, Inc. will not edit your list. Lists not prepared to our specifications will be returned for correction, which may cause a delay in production.

Online List Processing

A new list should be created for each variation. For example, if you want some tags with one line and some with two lines, please submit two lists, each attached to a separate order. This will allow us to provide a more accurate quote for the cost of your order.

Providing a list directly on the order pages is easy, and you will be given the opportunity to review the list prior to production of your product. All name tags, name plates and photo IDs require a list, and the formatting for all of these products is very similar. For photo IDs, include the name of the file as one of the entries in your list.

Do not format the list. (bold, italics, centering, etc.)

Please do not enter special characters into your list (accented letters), as this information may be provided in the notes field on the order form.

Do not enter any additional information (quantities, fasteners, etc.) on this document. This information will be entered into an appropriate field on the order forms.

Preparing the Lists

Submit a document file with your list of names.

DOCUMENT FILES (.txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf)

Begin entering the information for your list at the top of the page.

For tags with one line of text, enter information without leaving blank lines between tag information. If your tags have multiple lines of text, leave one blank line between each tag's information.

Remove any extra spaces at the end of the page.


Begin entering the information for your list at the top of the sheet (Row 1, Column A).

All information for the product is entered on the same row. Each line of text to be added to your product is entered into an individual cell. Begin a new row for each item ordered.

Do not leave empty rows between items.

Note the Rows and Column used in your list as you will be asked for them upon uploading the file.

Submit a document file with your list of names.

Email the List

You may also choose to email your lists to us. Please include your name and contact information in the email, as well as a brief description of the product(s) you are ordering.

Customer Service
Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (MT)
Toll Free: 1-800-272-5729

Coller Industries Incorporated
2211 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
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