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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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2211 South 300 West , Salt Lake City, UT 84115   |   Print Date: September 24 2023 08:21:32 AM

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
Our products are built to be durable and long lasting. Care for yours and keep them in great shape.

Product Care and Handling

Proper handling is critical to the long-lasting quality of the products produced by Coller Industries Incorporated. Follow these guidelines on product care to avoid unnecessary damage that will not be covered by the product guarantee.

  1. Store all personalized products in a safe, dry place. Moisture and heat can warp or damage some of these products, especially those with UV printed or hot-stamped logos on them. 
  2. Topical ointments such as lotion, bug spray, hand sanitizer, etc., should not be applied onto name tags. These items are known to damage or remove UV printed or hot-stamped logos.
  3. We do not recommend markers for writing on name tags or reusable name badges. Use caution if you do so as most markers cannot be entirely removed. 
  4. If you must clean a product, gently wipe it with a damp cloth. If a cleaner is needed, denatured alcohol is recommended only for engraved portions on a name tag. Other solvents have not been thoroughly tested and may damage fastener adhesives and printed or hot-stamped logos.
  5. Do not rub or scratch printed logos as excessive and aggressive scratching will compromise any UV printed or hot-stamped logos. Also, thin lines and small details may scratch off. 
  6. Always remove a name tag from clothing before washing. Running any personalized product through a washing machine will result in the removal of any UV printing or hot-stamped logos and text.