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2x8 inch backplate, does not include lexan or holder

Quality metal backplates are one component of the Reusable Name Plate system. Use this page to order replacements for damaged or missing pieces.

To order all components on one page, go to the 2x8 Blank Reusable Name Plates order form.


Product Specifications

Quantity Pricing

2 x 8 Blank Backplates, Reusable Name Plates

This order form is for the metal backplates component of Reusable Name Plates.

BACK PLATE COLOR: Click on the image of the desired color to make a selection.

Gold back plate
Silver back plate
White back plate

 Minimum Order: 5

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Product Specifications

Metal backplates are 0.03 inches thick and slide in and out of your nameplate holders. These backplates are one part of a four-part reusable name plate system. Assembling a complete nameplate requires all four components; to order all elements on the same order form, visit the 2x8 Reusable Name Plate page.

MINIMUM ORDER: Five backplates.

COLORS: Silver, gold and white.

PRODUCTION: If we receive your order by 11 a.m. Mountain Time, it will be processed and shipped the same day.

SHIPPING: Select your shipping method during check out.

Quantity Pricing Tables

Reusable Name Plates require all four components: metal backplate, wall or desk mount, Lexan slider and inserts.

PRICE INCLUDES: A 2x8 inch Metal Backplate, for use with Reusable Name Plates.

Metal Backplate$5.89$5.45$5.04$4.53$4.08$3.67$3.30$3.30Call

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