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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

Product Specifications

To create your new name plates, you will choose metal wall mounts or desk holders and a backplate color. Add transparent inserts printed on your office printer and a clear protective slider, and you have a quality Reusable Name Plate.

SIZE: 2 x 10 inches

BACK PLATE COLORS: Gold, silver and white, 0.03 inches thick metal.

HOLDERS: The backplate, insert, and Lexan slider fits into the holder of your choice. We offer wall- mounted and free-standing options in silver, black, yellow gold and rose gold metal.

PRODUCTION: Orders placed by 11:00 a.m. Mountain time of up to 100 pieces will be shipped the same day. Add one day of production time for each additional 100 name plates.

Quantity Pricing Tables

PRICE INCLUDES: One 2 x 10 inch metal backplate, a metal wall mount or desk holder and a clear protective slider (inserts are required, order separately).

Reusable Name Plate with wallmount$11.70$10.81$10.00$9.00$8.09$7.29$6.56$6.56Call
Reusable Name Plate with desk holder$16.40$15.16$14.03$12.63$11.36$10.22$9.20$9.20Call

Printing Inserts for Reusable Name Plates

Two-layer sheets allows the inserts to be sent through your printer multiple times. We recommend using Name Print Graphics (NPG) software to print your inserts. This software is easy to set up and allows you to save time with design, data import and auto-align features. Some templates are available for Microsoft Word® or other document software. However, we do not offer technical support for these templates. For additional information on templates, go to Templates & Instructions for Insert Printing.

Available Templates:

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