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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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2211 South 300 West , Salt Lake City, UT 84115   |   Print Date: October 21 2021 03:19:15 PM

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

Metal Name Plates, Custom Text Design

Customers decide to trust and engage with your business based on their perceptions as they meet and work with you. Quality metal nameplates suggest that they can be confident in your service as they are higher-end and more visually pleasing than a common plastic plate. Available in classic gold, silver and black along with eight lacquer and mirror colors, you are sure to find something that ties in with your brand and decor. Our world-class designers and customer service agents have built our reputation on exceptional customer service, great products and always going the extra mile for our customers.

If you are curious about the process of creating nameplates and would like to see different options, visit our Resource Center.