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2x12 Plastic nameplate, style F

Style F Plastic Name Plates are 2 x 12 inches with two lines of text.

Highlight professionalism with quality nameplates on the desk, door, or wall. With the additional length, these nameplates are excellent for displaying multiple lines of information, such as long names with credentials. The second line offers even more options for an extensive title or a company name, or you may want to be creative and have a short quote or favored phrase engraved. Customize by choosing from 35 colors of plastic and 20 fonts. After ordering name plates, don't forget to grab some desk holders or wall mounts so they can be displayed (sold separately).

Product Specifications

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Style F Plastic Name Plates

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Product Specifications

Laser plastic nameplates are engraved using the style F template with 2 lines of text. The placement of the text lines, is fixed and the character limits listed are general guidelines only, as the actual character limit will vary based on the font chosen. Text that is longer will be condensed to fit the available space.

SIZE: 2 x 12 inches

LAYOUT: Two lines of text centered on the plate.
First line: Font height = 0.55 inches, 24 character limit.
Second line: Font height = 0.30 inches, 40 character limit.

FONTS: Customize by selecting from 20 standard fonts.

MATERIAL: Most colors have a matte finish; metallic colors have either a brushed or smooth finish; and wood grains have a gloss finish. The engraving color is determined by the material selected.

ADHESIVES & HOLDERS: Adhesives are available to attach your nameplate to almost any surface, double sided tape for hard surfaces, Velcro for fabric cubicle walls and magnetic strips for metal surface. Upgrade to wall mounts and holders to be able to change the plates at will.

SET-UP FEE: NOT required

PRODUCTION & SHIPPING: Depending on order size, orders may be shipped the next business day. Please provide your list for engraving when your order is placed. Shipping method can be chosen during checkout.

Quantity Pricing Tables

PRICE INCLUDES: 2" x 12" Laser Plastic Name Plate with 2 text lines, Style F

Plastic Name Plate$15.50$11.48$10.63$9.83$8.86$8.00$7.18Call
*Velcro - Hook$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85Call
*Velcro - Smooth$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85$0.85Call
*Velcro Hook and Smooth Sides$1.70$1.70$1.70$1.70$1.70$1.70$1.70Call
*Double Sided Tape$0.45$0.45$0.45$0.45$0.45$0.45$0.45Call
*Magnetic Tape$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10Call

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