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Liquid chalkboard marker.

Now that you have your Chalkboard Name Badges, you need something to write names on them. Use these markers to add names and titles. When you need to reuse the badges, you can wipe the writing off.

PRICE: $2.36 each

Product Specifications

Chalk Markers

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Product Specifications

Each chalk marker is intended for use on our Chalkboard Name Badges. If you place an order for the name badges, you will receive one marker with your order. Reorders of the name badges do not come with a new marker.

USAGE: When using these markers, be careful what you are writing on, as the liquid may not remove from some surfaces. The best way to remove the marker from the name badge is with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Be careful not to apply any alcohol to a UV color logo as it may cause damage to the printing.

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