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Templates & Instructions For Full Color Ribbons

Whether you are a creative professional or a newbie to design, these templates can help create your full color ribbon quickly and easily. The templates define the background's size and placement, the available space for text and logos, and the tape's location.

We want every design to be a success, so here are some additional details to help you create the best artwork file:

  1. Background images that will cover the entire ribbon must extend an additional 1/8 inches beyond each edge (a 'bleed'). So a 2 x 4 inches ribbon would need a background image that is 2 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches.
  2. Because the ribbons are printed and cut from a continuous roll, the pinked edges' tips may show the beginning of the background image's next printing. To avoid this, design your background so that both pinked edges have the same color and pattern.
  3. Place Information that should not touch the ribbon's edge at least 1/4 inches away from the pinked ends, and at least 3/16 inches away from the straight edges of the ribbon.
  4. Double-sided tape along the top of the badge ribbons allows them to be attached to badges or tags. Leave 3/4 inches at the top of the ribbon empty of any information that cannot be covered.
  5. Artwork files must be vector art or a high-quality bitmap with a dpi of at least 300. When providing a vector file, convert all text to outlines and embed all linked images.
  6. PC compatible artwork is required.
  7. Full color ribbon printing uses a CMYK color space. Creating your project in CMYK will provide the most accurate rendition of your design.

ranatomy of a badge full color badge ribbon

Click any of the links below to download the template you need.

The templates are optimized to open in Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw. Follow the guidelines on the template when placing the different elements of your design.

reusable name badges: mighty badges

Horizontal Templates

1.625 x 4 inches

2 x 4 inches