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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

We offer more custom shaped name tags than all of our competitors combined.

Name Tags: Custom Shapes

When we say custom, that is what we mean! Not only can you choose from 20 stock shapes, but we offer the option to create a tag silhouette that is uniquely yours. Additional customizations include; add an optional logo or leave blank, select from our extensive selection of plastic colors, fonts, fasteners, or add a clear epoxy dome.

examples of custom shape name tags

Create-A-Shape Custom Tags

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Demand attention with a custom shaped name tag that matches your identity. If you have a shape in mind but are unsure if it will work, let us know, and we will have our designers review your request. In some cases, they may be able to offer alternatives.

To ensure flawless execution of your design, please provide comprehensive details in the order form. Send design files via email to, and reference the order number provided after you have placed the order.

  • The main body of the tag should be spacious enough to accommodate all necessary information, and wider shapes work better than taller ones for optimal engraving.
  • Avoid long, thin pieces and sharp points as they are prone to breaking.
  • Please note that there should be a minimum of one-eighth of an inch margin surrounding the logo. Leave enough space for personalization to enhance your design.
  • If you're unsure whether your shape meets the criteria, contact us. Our expert designers will determine if they can fulfill your request or suggest alternatives.

Oval Name Tags

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1x3 oval
1.25x3 oval
1.5x3 oval
1.75x3 oval
2x3 oval

Circle Name Tags

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2-inch circle
2.25-inch circle
2.5-inch circle

Bulged Rectangle

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1.25x3 in. bulged rectangle
1.5x3 in. bulged rectangle
1.75x3 in. bulged rectangle

Deluxe Custom Shapes

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Stand out from the crowd with a unique name tag customized to represent your company. Our deluxe custom shapes will leave a lasting impression. You'll also save on set-up fees when choosing your favorite shape, color, and fastener. Personalize the tags with your name or add an optional logo to make them truly one-of-a-kind.

1x3 pill shaped

Pill Shaped

1.75x3 in. oval bump

Oval Bump

1.5x3 side circle

Side Circle

1.5x3 name tag with reverse corners

Reverse Corners

1.5x3 tag with notched corners

Notched Corners

2x3 heart


2x3 chat bubble

Chat Bubble

1.5x3 bone

Bone Shape

2.5x3 dog


2x3 cat


2x3 fish


2.25x2.5 star


2x3 house


2.5x2.5 tooth


2x3 mortar and pestle star

Mortar & Pestle

2.5x2 cross


1x3 car


examples of holiday shape name tags

Create-A-Shape Custom Tags

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Make your team feel extra special this holiday season by creating personalized holiday name tags! These festive tags are perfect for holiday sales, parties, and even as gift tags for seasonal gifting. They come in a variety of delightful shapes, such as festive snowflake, tree, and present designs, and can be used in many different ways. Use them as place cards for a holiday dinner party, or attach them to wrapped presents to add a personal touch. Plus, these tags can double as ornaments for the recipient to keep, and some even have a hole for displaying a photo. Get started on your own personalized holiday tags today and spread the joy of the season!