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Knowing where you will be hanging your nameplates effects your selection of adhesive. You must also decide whether you want to attach the nameplate directly to the surface or use a wall mount, which makes the nameplate is easy to change by sliding the existing plate insert out and replacing it with the new one.

double sided tape

Double Sided Tape is permanent and can be used on many hard surfaces including painted drywall, wood and metal.

Price: 45¢ per piece

magnetic tape

Magnetic Tape will stick to ferromagnetic metals, we recommend testing the surface with a magnet prior to ordering.

Price: $1.10 per piece

Velcro Hook Side

Velcro Hook Side can be used on fabric surfaces that have small loops for it to attach to, such as cubical walls or carpet.

Price: 85¢ per piece

Velcro Smooth Side

Velcro Smooth Side is attached to a hard surface and the velcro hook side is attached to the nameplate and the two parts are then pushed together.

Price: 85¢ per piece

Adhesives for Name Plates

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Product Specifications:

NOTE: Adhesives will be applied to the nameplates on smaller orders, but on large bulk orders they are sent unattached.

SIZE: 8 inches in length.

Double-sided tape comes to you on a piece of waxed paper. All you do is peel the tape off of the wax paper, apply the sticky side to the nameplate, remove the remaining backing and stick it to the surface, be careful, this tape is not repositionable.

Magnetic tape you will remove the white backing paper before applying the tape to the nameplate. Your plate will now stick to many metal surfaces.

Velcro hook side strips will attach to many fabric surfaces. Toothy fabrics that have enough small loops for the velcro to attach to include: wool, looped nylon fabrics, fleece, carpet and many cubicle walls. Just peel off the clear plastic backing and press the velcro onto the back of your nameplate.

Velcro smooth side strips allow nameplates to be hung and replaced on difficult surfaces, such as glass, rigid plastic, metal, tile and wood. Attach the velcro smooth side to the hanging surface and press a nameplate that already has the velcro hook side into place.

PRODUCTION: Place your order before 11 a.m. Mountain Time to receive same day processing and shipping.

SHIPPING:Adhesives are shipped in units of 5 per package. View shipping prices during checkout.

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