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Laser engraved magnetic name tags feature deluxe magnetic fasteners.

Deluxe Magnetic Name Tags, Reusable Badges and Badge Holders

Deluxe magnetic fasteners blend strength with ease of use to keep your name tags in place no matter how active you are. By far our most popular fasteners, they are an excellent choice for every name tag.

  • Magnetic fasteners are easy to use and won't leave snags or holes on your clothing.
  • They work on a wide variety of fabrics. Wear on a shirt one day, a jacket or suit the next.
  • Indents in the metal backplate prevent slipping.
  • Deluxe magnets are our most popular fastener, but not your only choice. Many products have up to 6 additional fasteners available.

Available On These Products:

Magnetic Name Tags

Personalize custom name tags with your information. Choose your material, color and finish, then upgrade with a frame and dome for unique tags that will set your business apart. Deluxe magnetic fasteners and six additional fastener choices are available on all of these products.

Magnetic Reusable Badges

Reusable name badges are an inexpensive way to provide employee and personal identification when there is a high turn over rate.

Magnetic Badge Holders

Vinyl name badge holders are clear on both sides with a magnetic fastener. Your paper name badges slide into the top of the vinyl pouch.

Magnets will hold through 5 layers of fabric.

Want to test how strong our magnets are? Request a product example with an attached magnetic fastener.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How strong are the magnets?
A: They are so strong, they will hold through five layers of clothing.

Q: Can I wear a magnetic name badge if I have a pacemaker?
A: No, we advise against anyone with a pacemaker wearing these fasteners. Use one of our other high-quality fasteners for your name tags and badges.

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All products are made to your specifications. We check everything twice before shipping your order. Name Tag, Inc. has had greater than a 99% accuracy rate for the past five years.