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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

Large black Speedy Badge with a pin fastener.

Current stock is limited, and all sales are final; no returns will be accepted.

Save time and money using Large Legacy Speedy Badges for part time and seasonal employees. The removable paper inserts let you change names and titles on demand to keep your identification up to date. (Inserts bought separately.)

SIZE: 1.25x3.125 inches

Orders placed by 11 a.m. (MT) of up to 250 pieces will be shipped the same day.

Product Specifications

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Printing Inserts

Legacy Speedy Badges, Large with Pin

Stock is limited on this item, and reordering may not be available. If you have ordered this product before, use the reorder page for faster processing and consistency with previous orders.

BADGE COLOR: Click on the image of the desired color to make a selection.

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 Minimum Order: 25

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Product Specifications

Large Legacy Speedy Badges with a pin fastener have a plastic frame that curves forward which gives them a unique style. Use them over and over again by printing new paper inserts. Purchase perforated insert sheets separately. For easy printing, free insert templates are available.

BADGE SIZE: 1.25x3.125 inches

COLOR: Multiple (see order form)


PRODUCTION: Orders placed by 11 a.m. (MT) of up to 250 pieces will be shipped the same day. Add an additional day of production time for each additional 250 pieces.


Quantity Pricing Tables

PRICE INCLUDES: The prices are for one Large Legacy Speedy Badge with a pin fastener. Inserts are sold separately. Shipping charges are displayed in the shopping cart as you check out.

Large Speedy Badge with Pin$1.14$1.10$1.40$1.05$0.96$0.92Call


Printing Inserts for Speedy Badges

INSERTS: Paper inserts come in packages of 10 insert sheets with 16 inserts per sheet (160 inserts total). One package is sold for $5.76.

INSERT SIZE: 1.1875x2.875 inches

TEMPLATE: Use this template to print inserts for Large Legacy Speedy Badges. The template has been set up using Microsoft® Word. However, it is compatible with most document software programs. Adjustments may need to be made when using a program other than Microsoft® Word. Due to the number of ways in which your document software may be set up, we do not NOT provide technical support for using this template.

Large Badge Template


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