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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

The design of a name tag is simple, but they have multiple parts that all need to come together to do the job properly.

If you have any questions call customer service at: 1-800-272-572.

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Name Tags: Fonts, Materials and Colors

Laser Engraved: Metal and plastic materials, a wide array of fonts, and the option to add engraved and color logos. Laser engraving is used for these products: Classic name tags, logo name tags, and logo only badges.

Digital Printed: Digital printing is used for full color logo name tags and photo ID's. Inks are heat set directly onto the tag allowing for bright colors and bleeds (off-edge printing). Name tags are available in three different plastic colors; polar white, euro gold and brushed aluminum. Photo ID's will be printed on a white credit card sized (CR-80) plastic blank.

Laminated: Printed on sturdy white card stock and then laminated, event badges are an excellent low cost choice for short term tags.


Trajan Pro
Albertus Lt
Monotype Corsiva
Lucida Casual
Benguiat Gothic Bk
Engravers Gothic
Futura Bk
Cooper Lt
Garamond Drop Caps
Souvenir Lt
Tekton Pro Bold
Times New Roman
Custom Font

Laser Plastic

The micro-surfaced impact acrylic is a two-ply, 0.06 inch thick plastic designed specifically for laser engraving. Solid colors have a matte finish; metallic colors have either a brushed or smooth finish and wood grains have a slight gloss finish.

euro gold/black
brushed aluminum/black
bright copper/black
smooth silver/black
white/sky blue
white/pine green
sky blue/white
sky blue/yellow
patriot blue/white
kelly green/white
medium Brown/white
ribbon pink/white
smoke gray/white
cherry wood/black
english walnut/white

*Metallic finish   |   †No metallic sheen

Laser Metal

Laser engraving removes the top layer of colored metals and oxidizes the surface of satin gold and silver tags. Solid pigmented metals have a glossy surface, mirror colors have a highly polished surface and satin gold and silver have a slightly matte surface.

Satin Silver Metal with Smoke Gray Engraving
Black Metal with Silver Engraving
Black Metal with Gold Engraving
Royal Blue Metal with Silver Engraving
Royal Blue Metal with Gold Engraving
Mirror Blue Metal with Gold Engraving
Green Metal with Silver Engraving
Green Metal with Gold Engraving
Mirror Purple Metal with Silver Engraving
Mirror Purple Metal with Gold Engraving
Maroon Metal with Silver Engraving
Maroon Metal with Gold Engraving
Mirror Red Metal with Silver Engraving
Mirror Red Metal with Gold Engraving
Satin Blue Metal with Silver Engraving

*Mirror metals have a vibrant transparent color lacquered onto polished metal.

Digital Print Plastic

polar white

*The base material is white, images may extend off the edge, the entire surface and text in may be printed using more than one color.


Example of an engraved logo.

Engraved (One Color)

Perfect for single color logos, both the logo and text are laser engraved into durable, two-ply plastic name tags. Available in laser plastic or metal the text and logo will be the same color.

Example of a logo printed in color.


Color printing allows for unlimited colors, including blends and shading.

UV Printing: White ink is available on colored tags. Plastic name tags will be printed on laser plastic. Metal tags are available only on gold, silver and white.

Digital Printing: Backgrounds, colors and logos can have a bleed (off-edge printing). The inks are transparent and white can not be printed. Bright intense colors work best on br. aluminum and euro gold materials.

Example of an hot-stamped logo.

Hot Stamp

Up to three colors may be stamped onto the surface of plastic name tags using metal stamps and heat. Metallic foils and a variety of additional colors are available. The logo will be stamped onto laser engraved plastic and the text will be engraved.

Metallic Gold
Matte Gold
Metallic Silver (Shiny)
Matte Silver
Metallic Copper (Shiny)