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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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2211 South 300 West , Salt Lake City, UT 84115   |   Print Date: January 22 2022 01:46:55 AM

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
Nametags for the new year 2022
Blank and custom lanyards

Support your local economy with these lanyards that are made in the USA.


Product Information: Lanyards

Lanyards can be used to identify, advertise, and promote your event or promotion. They can securely hold a badge and are a perfect giveaway at trade shows.

Our expert customer service agents are available to answer any questions or to help find the information you need. Call 1-800-272-5729.

Production Materials

Silk-screened lanyards come in a large selection of material and printing colors. If the color combination you would like is unavailable you may choose to order dye-sublimated full-color lanyards.

Product Gallery and Processes

Custom lanyards are printed to promote your messages, and we have many great ideas on how to design them.

Additional Information: