Finding the Perfect Name Plate

Whether you want a logo or text only, we have the perfect name plate for you!

from contemporary to desk wedges how to find the perfect name plate for your needsFrom Classic Name Plates to Executive Desk Wedges, sometimes it’s hard to come up with the perfect solutions for your identification needs. So, here is a brief product guide to help you make your decision on which name plate is best for you.

Each of these choices will look splendid wherever you need them. Use them for names, titles and even directions in your office or retail establishment. These are also perfect for use in restaurants, hotels or other hospitality industries.

Classic & Logo Name Plate Varieties

add a logo or just text to your next name plateChoose from plastic and metal with these name plates. Then choose your color and font. Lastly, decide if you need a logo or not. No matter where you are putting them, use a classic-looking name plate anywhere you want. From a director’s office door to a concierge desk, and whether it’s plastic or metal, these name plates will be a perfect addition to your office.

Logos for each plastic name plate are either engraved, UV color printed or hot-stamped. A metal name plate will have an engraved logo. Both materials come in a variety of colors that will match perfectly with your office or store decor. There are also several wall mounts and desk holders available to match each name plate and its use.

Reusable Name Plate System

This name plate system is similar in style to classic metal name plates. They come with printable inserts and the option of a UV color printed logo.

reusable name plate kits are perfect for high turnaround positionsReusable name plates are a cost-effective solution for high turnover and seasonal industries. Do-it-yourself office name plates make it easy to change the information on your office signs. Simply print inserts as they are needed. Then, slide the insert into the existing holder behind the clear lens and you are done. Each name plate consists of four parts: a wall mount or desk holder, a metal backplate, the insert and a clear Lexan lens that protects the insert and holds everything in place. An optional UV color logo may be printed directly onto the metal backplate to help unify and brand all of the name plates in an office.

Contemporary Name Plates

use a Contemporary Name Plate for directions in your office or retail storeNeed a classier version than a reusable name plate? Try out this system instead. Made with durable plastic, and still available with printable inserts, these name plates come in three different sizes. Interchangeable attachments allow these plates to be used on desks, walls and cubicle partitions.

Easily create custom paper inserts with any image, font or graphic. These durable name plates can last for years with proper care, gentle dusting and occasional spot cleaning.

Acrylic Desk Blocks

available in either black or clear, Acrylic Desk Blocks are perfect for your next name plateQuality Acrylic Desk Blocks make beautiful name plates, decorations and promotional tools. Add one or two lines of text for names, titles or even a quote. And, add a logo or a simple graphic to turn these blocks into corporate gifts for colleagues, clients and customers.

These name plates don’t need a desk holder as they stand on their own. And, they come in two different colors, black and clear. Engraving comes on either the front or back with a choice to fill with either a silver or gold coloring to enhance the text and images. These name plates look great on a desk, bookshelf or anywhere else you would like to display them.

Executive Desk Wedges

add text and a logo to the name plate on your Executive Desk WedgeAvailable in four styles, these desk wedges make the perfect gift. Add a personal touch to any workspace by displaying a name and a title. Or at home, use a desk wedge to decorate with loving expressions or quotes. Each name or message is laser engraved into a metal name plate and then attached to the surface of your chosen desk wedge.

These make excellent corporate gifts. And this is one of the best ways to grow and maintain your business. Most companies agree that the fundamental reason for corporate gifting is to acknowledge relationships and improve personal connections.

But, no matter where you put them, make sure you choose what best suits your needs!

4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You

We’ve had another great year here at Coller Industries. 2016 brought a few changes, but they were all needed, and we have benefited from them greatly!

We have also seen more growth to our inventory. Not only does this increase mean more options for our customers, but it means strength to our brand. We released three new products this year to meet the requests and needs of our customers.

a variety of available sizes and examples of event name tagsConference Name Tags

These new name tags are a perfect solution for any meeting planner’s need for inexpensive name badges. Instead of spending your time printing inserts and stuffing vinyl name badge holders (which are still available), we print your attendees’ names on custom laminated tags.

There are 4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You and sometimes that is with new productsContemporary Name Plates

These name plates are the perfect solution for desks, cubicles, front counters and reception areas to provide instructions and identification. They are made from quality eco friendly materials and are a cost-effective solution. The plates are easy to customize in any office. Just print a paper insert and assemble the professional looking name plate.

There are 4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You and sometimes that is with new productsPartition Pins

The partition pins easily hang a name plate from a cloth covered cubicle wall. Just attach to the back of any name plate or sign for easy visibility.

As with previous years, we have also seen growth inside of our company. We have a new Customer Service Manger and a Senior Account Manager. Hannah and Aimee (respectively) are here to serve our customer’s every need. Of course, we still have the best customer service around to help anyone with their personal identification needs.

Due to some of our new products, our production and shipping department has seen an increase in our machinery. This includes a laminator as well as a new, fancy printer for our name tags. Production and shipping also do a fantastic job with making sure all customer orders are produced and shipped appropriately and promptly.

It was also recently announced at our annual employee Christmas party that our error rate is still under 1%! Here’s a quick review of our current year-to-date statistics:

there are 4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You and we guarantee all our products

Since January 1, 2016, Coller Industries has had a total of 122 errors coming from 31,694 orders total. Our overall error rate is 0.393%. This means that 1 in about every 255 orders may contain a mistake; great news for our customers!

Coller Industries would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for an outstanding year! You are the reason we are in business, and we want to acknowledge that. And with that thank you, we also wish you a wonderful and happy New Year!

there are 4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You and we love our customers

Thanksgiving, name tags and the best customers!

Thanksgiving is so close that we can smell the turkey in the oven!

Families will soon gather in dining rooms across this great nation. And thankfulness is found everywhere. Celebrating Thanksgiving allows us to focus on our blessings, giving thanks for what we have, and for the freedoms which we all enjoy.

happy thanksgiving from coller industries and name tag inc and thank you to all of our customersWe here at Coller Industries Incorporated just wanted to take the time to say Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks to all of our customers, new and old, that have supported our business over the past year. Thank you for stopping by, leaving a comment, and shopping our large name tag selection. We are blessed to be part of your personalized identification needs.

To help celebrate the Thanksgiving occasion, here’s our list of things for which what we are thankful.

Great impressions at conferences and meetings are a must! And with event name tags, networking is easy and affordable.

Style and ease are a must with reusable name badges and speedy badges accomplish just that!

Contemporary name plates are easy to use and are the perfect solution for providing employee identification for desks, cubicles and offices!

Finding people who adore personal identification as much as we do!

There are also a few customers that we need to thank:

We appreciate all of our customers who ask all the right questions. Thank you for your continued encouragement and suggestions.

All of our new customers which we gained this year! Thank you for placing your trust in us and our products.

We love all of our repeat customers. Loyalty sits well with us!

And most of all YOU!

We appreciate your friendship, business and the confidence you have placed in us. So, on behalf of all of us at Coller Industries Incorporated, our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the day, your meal, and especially the company of your family and friends, and let us know what you’re grateful for! And in case, you didn’t know:


Name Tag Definitions: Part 2

Defining our business helps our customers to fully understand what we do.

While our FAQ pages are full of your questions, we thought we’d get down to the nitty-gritty for you. Here is part two of our definition series so, find out more about how our business runs with these great definitions for some of our products!

definitions of name tags name badges and other personal identification

Name Plate Holders
A name plate holder will display your name plates on walls, cubicles or desks. Most people simply refer to these products as holders, brackets or sliders. However, none of these terms fully describes the products we offer. A simple way to clear up what you need is to answer the question of where you are putting the name plate.

Our name plate holder products include:

Desk Holders
These simple, curved-style holders will display a name plate on a desk or other flat, horizontal surface. A name plate slides easily into the holder and can be changed as needed.

Wall Mounts
Attach or mount these flat-style holders to a wall or door to display your name plate. By using adhesive or nails/screws, these holders are easy to install. And, your name plate slides into the holder just as easily as a desk holder.

Cubicle Hangers
This clear, plastic holder displays your name plate on your cubicle wall or over a door. The name plate holds in place by the pressure of the flap or can attach to the plastic flap with double-sided tape for a more finished look.

Plastic Desk Bases
With a slanted opening in these flat-style holders, your name plate will stand upright for easy viewing. These are commonly used on desks or other flat, horizontal surfaces.

Other name plate products that we carry:

Reusable Name Plates
Do-it-yourself (DIY) options are all the rage these days! And what better way to do this than with a reusable name plate system. This system consists of four parts: a name plate holder, a metal back plate, a clear printable insert, and a Lexan lens. The metal back plate is engraved with your company or personal logo to identify your brand and unify your name plates in an office or professional setting. The printable insert is clear so as to show the back plate under the printed name. And, the lens slides over the top of everything to keep it all together and give it all a professional, finished look.

Contemporary Name Plates
Designed to complement any decor these name plates are the perfect solution for an office or reception area. This system also consists of four parts: an attachment, a back plate, a printable insert, and a clear lens. These contemporary name plates work much like the reusable name plate system and are just as easy to use. The benefit to the contemporary system is that it comes with interchangeable back attachments. Choose from a wall attachment, a cubicle stand, or a desk stand.

Do you have any further questions about these definitions or the products to which they pertain?

There will be more articles coming with even more definitions! Please help us by letting us know what definitions you need. Are there specific things you just don’t quite understand? Reply with anything that you might need help with!

Introducing: Contemporary Name Plates

Most people think of name plates as simple plastic or metal pieces with their name and maybe title on it that are displayed on a desk or a door for others to see.

Whether it’s name tags, name plates or any other personal identification, here at Coller Industries we are always trying to keep up to date on our customer’s needs and possibly want lists. Part of this process is to also keep up with the trends in the personalized identification business. And, any corporate branding initiative should begin within your own office.

New products are always an exciting time here in our office!

This new name plate style incorporates the identification into a new, updated and sleek look while still providing a professional feel.

new product contemporary name plates for coller industriesOur new contemporary name plates are the perfect solution for desks, walls, doors, cubicles, counters and reception areas. They are a highly effective way to present room names, department titles or employees names. Use on front counters, waiting rooms and reception areas to provide instructions and directions. Hang on a wall or display on a desk for employee identification.

Each name plate is made from quality, eco-friendly materials and they are a cost-effective solution to your personal identification needs. The shatterproof polycarbonate components make for a long-lasting and reusable solution. The plates are easy to customize to match any setting. Simply print on a paper insert using an inkjet or laser printer and easily assemble the professional name plate. All of the parts snap together in seconds, with no tools required. Create your own design with any color, logo and font you want; if it prints, it fits.

new product contemporary name plates coller industriesThe contemporary name plates are available in three convenient sizes. Interchangeable attachments are available allowing these plates to be set on desks, hung on walls or doors, and cubicle partitions for easy display on cubicle walls. When there is a change in a position or adding a new employee, the name plates can be quickly replaced by printing a new insert.

Our new contemporary name plates are designed to reduce time and expense for offices and stores while providing an updated look for brand awareness and consistency.