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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
Commit to Excellence

Celebrate a job advancement or customize a quote or affirmation for yourself, a friend, or a family member. A designer will provide a proof showing the product, and you can work with them until you have a distinctive design.

Personalize: Choose from a large selection of nameplate colors, add a logo and customize your text.

Quality: The solid wood desk wedges are available in natural and high gloss piano finishes.

Free Gift Wrapping: Give these as a gift and we will wrap them at no additional charge.

Walnut executive name plates in three sizes, 8.5x2, 10.5x2 and 12.5x2 inches.


Starting at $27.29

Two red alder executive name plates, 8.5x2 and 10.5x2 inches.

Red Alder

Starting at 32.54

Two rosewood piano finish executive name plates, 8.5x2 and 10.5x2 inches.

High Gloss Rosewood

Starting at 38.84

Black piano finish executive name plates in two sizes, 8.5x2 and 10.5x2 inches.

High Gloss Black

Starting at $40.94


Desk Wedges with Card Holders

Functionality is an important part of your office, and so a personalized nameplate and business card holder all in one is the perfect solution. You will be in complete control as you select the font, color and finish for your nameplates.

Red alder desk nameplates with a slot to hold business cards in two sizes 2x2x8.5 and 2x2x10.5 inches.

Rosewood with Card Slot

Starting at $40.94

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We guarantee 100% satisfaction with every purchase.

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