4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You

We’ve had another great year here at Coller Industries. 2016 brought a few changes, but they were all needed, and we have benefited from them greatly!

We have also seen more growth to our inventory. Not only does this increase mean more options for our customers, but it means strength to our brand. We released three new products this year to meet the requests and needs of our customers.

a variety of available sizes and examples of event name tagsConference Name Tags

These new name tags are a perfect solution for any meeting planner’s need for inexpensive name badges. Instead of spending your time printing inserts and stuffing vinyl name badge holders (which are still available), we print your attendees’ names on custom laminated tags.

There are 4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You and sometimes that is with new productsContemporary Name Plates

These name plates are the perfect solution for desks, cubicles, front counters and reception areas to provide instructions and identification. They are made from quality eco friendly materials and are a cost-effective solution. The plates are easy to customize in any office. Just print a paper insert and assemble the professional looking name plate.

There are 4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You and sometimes that is with new productsPartition Pins

The partition pins easily hang a name plate from a cloth covered cubicle wall. Just attach to the back of any name plate or sign for easy visibility.

As with previous years, we have also seen growth inside of our company. We have a new Customer Service Manger and a Senior Account Manager. Hannah and Aimee (respectively) are here to serve our customer’s every need. Of course, we still have the best customer service around to help anyone with their personal identification needs.

Due to some of our new products, our production and shipping department has seen an increase in our machinery. This includes a laminator as well as a new, fancy printer for our name tags. Production and shipping also do a fantastic job with making sure all customer orders are produced and shipped appropriately and promptly.

It was also recently announced at our annual employee Christmas party that our error rate is still under 1%! Here’s a quick review of our current year-to-date statistics:

there are 4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You and we guarantee all our products

Since January 1, 2016, Coller Industries has had a total of 122 errors coming from 31,694 orders total. Our overall error rate is 0.393%. This means that 1 in about every 255 orders may contain a mistake; great news for our customers!

Coller Industries would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for an outstanding year! You are the reason we are in business, and we want to acknowledge that. And with that thank you, we also wish you a wonderful and happy New Year!

there are 4 Ways Coller Industries Says Thank You and we love our customers

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