Name Tag Definitions: Part 2

Defining our business helps our customers to fully understand what we do.

While our FAQ pages are full of your questions, we thought we’d get down to the nitty-gritty for you. Here is part two of our definition series so, find out more about how our business runs with these great definitions for some of our products!

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Name Plate Holders
A name plate holder will display your name plates on walls, cubicles or desks. Most people simply refer to these products as holders, brackets or sliders. However, none of these terms fully describes the products we offer. A simple way to clear up what you need is to answer the question of where you are putting the name plate.

Our name plate holder products include:

Desk Holders
These simple, curved-style holders will display a name plate on a desk or other flat, horizontal surface. A name plate slides easily into the holder and can be changed as needed.

Wall Mounts
Attach or mount these flat-style holders to a wall or door to display your name plate. By using adhesive or nails/screws, these holders are easy to install. And, your name plate slides into the holder just as easily as a desk holder.

Cubicle Hangers
This clear, plastic holder displays your name plate on your cubicle wall or over a door. The name plate holds in place by the pressure of the flap or can attach to the plastic flap with double-sided tape for a more finished look.

Plastic Desk Bases
With a slanted opening in these flat-style holders, your name plate will stand upright for easy viewing. These are commonly used on desks or other flat, horizontal surfaces.

Other name plate products that we carry:

Reusable Name Plates
Do-it-yourself (DIY) options are all the rage these days! And what better way to do this than with a reusable name plate system. This system consists of four parts: a name plate holder, a metal back plate, a clear printable insert, and a Lexan lens. The metal back plate is engraved with your company or personal logo to identify your brand and unify your name plates in an office or professional setting. The printable insert is clear so as to show the back plate under the printed name. And, the lens slides over the top of everything to keep it all together and give it all a professional, finished look.

Contemporary Name Plates
Designed to complement any decor these name plates are the perfect solution for an office or reception area. This system also consists of four parts: an attachment, a back plate, a printable insert, and a clear lens. These contemporary name plates work much like the reusable name plate system and are just as easy to use. The benefit to the contemporary system is that it comes with interchangeable back attachments. Choose from a wall attachment, a cubicle stand, or a desk stand.

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