Introducing: Contemporary Name Plates

Most people think of name plates as simple plastic or metal pieces with their name and maybe title on it that are displayed on a desk or a door for others to see.

Whether it’s name tags, name plates or any other personal identification, here at Coller Industries we are always trying to keep up to date on our customer’s needs and possibly want lists. Part of this process is to also keep up with the trends in the personalized identification business. And, any corporate branding initiative should begin within your own office.

New products are always an exciting time here in our office!

This new name plate style incorporates the identification into a new, updated and sleek look while still providing a professional feel.

new product contemporary name plates for coller industriesOur new contemporary name plates are the perfect solution for desks, walls, doors, cubicles, counters and reception areas. They are a highly effective way to present room names, department titles or employees names. Use on front counters, waiting rooms and reception areas to provide instructions and directions. Hang on a wall or display on a desk for employee identification.

Each name plate is made from quality, eco-friendly materials and they are a cost-effective solution to your personal identification needs. The shatterproof polycarbonate components make for a long-lasting and reusable solution. The plates are easy to customize to match any setting. Simply print on a paper insert using an inkjet or laser printer and easily assemble the professional name plate. All of the parts snap together in seconds, with no tools required. Create your own design with any color, logo and font you want; if it prints, it fits.

new product contemporary name plates coller industriesThe contemporary name plates are available in three convenient sizes. Interchangeable attachments are available allowing these plates to be set on desks, hung on walls or doors, and cubicle partitions for easy display on cubicle walls. When there is a change in a position or adding a new employee, the name plates can be quickly replaced by printing a new insert.

Our new contemporary name plates are designed to reduce time and expense for offices and stores while providing an updated look for brand awareness and consistency.

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